Thursday, September 13, 2012

5 Amazing Wrestling Facts You Will Not Believe!

In the cartoon world of wrestling, we learn to expect the unexpected. There is very little that can surprise veteran supporters—very little that can catch us off guard. However, every now and again, a story is revealed or a statistic discovered that is unbelievable until research proves it to be correct. The following slideshow reveals five such stories that are hard to believe, yet true.

Taxi! John Cena and His Yellow and Black

As we prepare for our career, we all do jobs that we do not like. For most it's working as a waitress in a local restaurant or shelf stacker for the local supermarket; however, for John Cena it was as a limousine driver.

However what makes this story even more interesting is that whilst in WWE development at Ohio Valley Wrestling, Cena partnered Americo Costantino, later known as Rico.

Unfortunately for Rico, he lasted a shorter time in pro-wrestling and has since become a taxi driver. 

It seems that in an era of Undertakers, garbage men, clowns, kings, and hockey players, there just isn't any viable character that is believable that could be based on a taxi driver.

You talking to me?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Battled Big Show

For a long time, Big Show has been tipped to face basketball's answer to Paul Wight, the one and only Shaquille O'Neal. However as the wrestling world awaits this encounter, we can at least take heart in the fact that Big Show would be ready for such an encounter having once faced Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Before you go back in your wrestling annuals looking for such an encounter, it must be stressed that this happened on the big screen. The Big Show played the character of Santa Claus in the comedy "Jingle all the Way."

It begs a question though what had these two giants squared off in their time? Who would win between a Giant and a Terminator?

For those wanting to see the video, it starts at 1 minute, 12 seconds.

Oh Canada and America: Bret Hart's Dual Citizenship

Synonymous with Canada to the point of even leading a pro-Canadian stable, Bret Hart does in fact have dual citizenship with his mother, the late Helen Hart coming from Long Island, New York.

That being said, Bret's huge support base makes its arguable that he is an internationalist with followings all over the world most notably in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Far East.

He remains the best. Period.

Undertaker: The Least Favorite Wrestler of 2001

It seems hard to think of anyone criticising the Undertaker. It also seems improbable that anyone would vote the Undertaker their least favorite wrestler. Whilst some may like Shawn Michaels or John Cena more, its hard to see him being their least favorite.

And yet in 2001, the Undertaker in his prime was indeed voted Least Favorite Wrestler by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter which is published by Dave Meltzer.

It may not have been one of the Undertaker's greatest years, but least favorite? Not something you would expect someone to say about The Phenom.

Scott Hall Has Never Competed in a Royal Rumble

Returning to the WWE alumni section this week, Scott Hall has done a great deal in the world of professional wrestling. His abilities and achievements have however often been overshadowed by his personal demons that have played a big part of his life.

The world of wrestling has always loved the Bad Guy with his wrestling ability being largely under appreciated by a wrestling world who may not have not have seen him prior to joining the nWo.

Its always hard for a heel to sell their wrestling abilities because they cannot be seen to be good. Reliance on run-ins and cheating means that their moveset is often overlooked.

Sometimes we older fans love seeing wrestling behind the scenes and seeing something that is actually real. These stories allow us a little insight into the workings of what is a scripted soap opera.

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