Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bound For Glory Finals

Twelve IMPACT WRESTLING Superstars battle in grueling series of matches with the ultimate prize on the line - a World Championship Match in the main event at October’s “Bound For Glory” Pay-Per-View spectacular, our biggest event of the year!  The wrestler with the most points at the end of the Bound For Glory Series wins and advances to the Bound For Glory main event! Weekly standings are updated below!

 The 12 Competitors
Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson, Robbie E, Magnus, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Daniels and "Cowboy" James Storm | D'Angelo Dinero (OUT - injured)

How to Get Points
Points are determined by wins and losses – how you win is equally as important! 

Submission Victory – 10 points
Pinfall Victory – 7 points
Countout Victory – 5 points
Disqualification Victory – 3 points
Draw (Time Limit/Double Countout/Double Disqualification) – Two points
Disqualification Lose – you LOSE 10 points

The Type of Matches
Each wrestler will battle each other ONCE in the series!  These matches will take place over IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV and on TNA’s live event tours across the country, with the point structure outlined above.

Standings and How to Win!
The standings will be updated on The standings will be “locked” on the September 6 edition of IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV.  The top point leaders advance to No Surrender PPV (9/9) for a one-night playoff to see who gets the Bound For Glory World Title Match!

1)   James Storm                73 points   (7-2-2)   11 MATCHES     *DONE
2)   Samoa Joe                    68 points   (8-2)       10 MATCHES   
3)   Rob Van Dam               55 points   (5-5)      10 MATCHES   
       Bully Ray                      55 points   (5-5)      10 MATCHES   
5)    AJ Styles                      50 points  (4-6-1)   11 MATCHES      *DONE
6)    Jeff Hardy                    49 points    (7-3)      10 MATCHES   
7)    Kurt Angle                   48 points    (6-5)      11 MATCHES     *DONE
8)    Mr. Anderson              47 points    (6-4-1)  11 MATCHES     *DONE
9)    Christopher Daniels    33 points    (5-6)      11 MATCHES    *DONE
10)  Magnus                        28 points    (4-7)      11 MATCHES     *DONE
11)   Robbie E                      12 points    (2-9)      11 MATCHES     *DONE
12)  The Pope                        7 points    (1-7)       8 MATCHES      *INJURY

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