Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Daniel Bryan Interview

Recently while in Philadelphia, former World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan was interviewed on Preston & Steve and discussed an array of topics, such as which Diva he is currently dating and why he is no longer Vegan. Here are some of the highlights:

On how he went from Bryan Danielson to Daniel Bryan: 

"For years, I wrestled on the independents as Bryan Danielson, which happens to be my real name. So, the creative geniuses at the WWE -- to own the intellectual property -- have switched my name around to Daniel Bryan.

"It could have been much worse because they left it up to me to come up with a list of names as far as what I could have been. I did not come up with Daniel Bryan, William Regal did. I actually had a list of names that included Buddy Peacock and Lloyd Bonaire. [Laughs.]"


On being more injury-prone on the independents on the Jerry Lawler incident: 
"Oh, yeah, I did so much stupid stuff and on top of that, there are no doctors there. Or, not really good ones. For example: the whole issue that happened with Jerry Lawler where he had the heart attack -- Dr. Sampson is an amazing doctor. I think they gave us a statistic that maybe one out of 260 people that go through what Jerry Lawler did make it through it.

"... I'm not exactly sure on the details of it but Dr. Sampson was literally 5 feet away and there's all this emergency staff and all kinds of stuff. So, you have the best medical staff there. On top of that, we have trainers and masseuses at television.

"So, if you have injuries and stuff, they kind of take care of you. On the independents, you don't even have a shower. You're driving 200 miles all sweaty, still in your spandex. You're huddled next to two other dudes, also in spandex. [Laughs.]"

On being vegan and having to ditch veganism while on the road: 
"When I got signed by WWE in 2009, I had a litany of health issues. So, my doctor recommended that I go vegan. ... Oh, my gosh, it's so tough. The doctor who had me do it gave me a lot of books. 'Read this, read this, read this, because especially for your needs, you're going to need a lot of nutritional help.'

"Actually, I just recently stopped being vegan because I developed a severe soy intolerance. When I'm at home, I still eat vegan because it's easy to do stuff at home when you're making it yourself. But the only vegan stuff at a lot of places is tofu stuff, all soy-based products. I need protein. [Laughs.]"

On his "preparation for the apocolypse": 

"Some of the guys have been giving me a little bit of crap because I just bought 300 pounds of freeze-dried meat. I've been preparing for this dooms day scenerio. [Laughs.] It last for like 25 years. I see everybody here is just shaking their heads at me. [Laughs.] ... Actually, I'm not doing it because I think the apocalypse is coming or anything like that but just with the hurricanes and stuff like that.

"They say you should have a month's worth of food set aside and five days of water. The 300 pounds is a little excessive but the justification is that I own a home in Washington State. Which is not realistic to live at when I'm on the road because traveling out of Seattle is a nightmare. So, I live in San Diego, so I have 180 pounds of freeze-dried food in one place and 120 pounds of freeze-dried food in another.

"So, you know, I'm... just ready. [Laughs.] Nothing weird about that, I'm just ready."

On whether or not he is single: 

"I am in a relationship with a former diva, yeah. One of the Bella Twins, Brie Bella. Yeah, much better then I should have done."

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