Sunday, September 23, 2012

Impact Report

Here’s what you missed on Thursday’s live IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike TV from Orlando:

Tensions ran high at Open Fight Night in the IMPACT WRESTLING Zone last night as the superstars moved one step closer toward “Bound For Glory” and the elusive “Aces and 8s” continued to resurface. Old friendships were lost and new alliances were tested, but so many questions still remain unanswered.

And Then There Were...Six

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles kicked off the action by challenging Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez to a tag team match to determine the rightful number one contender at “Bound For Glory.” Not to be outdone, TNA World Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian joined in on the action midway through the match. Before a winner could be declared, General Manager Hulk Hogan stopped the match and declared that all three teams would face each other at “Bound For Glory” in a massive Triple Threat Match.

The Youngest Gut Check Contestant Ever

Evan Markopoulos, the next young wrestling talent to make his way through the “Gut Check” ranks, earned an opportunity to face Doug Williams. The eighteen year old Markopoulos performed with the heart of a champion but fell victim to a painful submission choke by Williams. Tune in next week to see if Markopoulos has what it takes to earn a TNA contract.

When Former Friends Collide

With their ongoing feud at a breaking point, the “Cowboy” James Storm angrily called out his former Beer Money, Inc. partner Bobby Roode for a grudge match. Storm wanted blood, but Roode kept his distance until Hogan demanded that he fight on “Open Fight Night.” Before Roode could even enter the ring, James Storm took the fight directly to the aisles of the IMPACT WRESTLING Zone, unleashing a brutal attack that lasted until the referee disqualified both men. The fight continued all the way to the exits where anything could have happened next.

Tara Calls Out…Christy Hemme?

Number one Knockouts contender Tara shocked everyone by calling out ring announcer Christy Hemme. Knockouts World Champion Miss Tessmacher came to Christy’s side, though, setting the stage for more consequences next week between the former friends Miss Tessmacher and Tara.

An Attorney In A Cage

Making good on their promise to continue their mayhem, the “Aces and 8s” gang kidnapped the lawyer and newly appointed bodyguard to Brooke Hogan, Joseph Park. Caged against his will, Joseph Park watched the gang destroy his confidential files before suffering a beating of his own.

Austin Aries Sets the Stage Against Jeff Hardy

Hoping to prove himself a worthy opponent to the beloved Jeff Hardy at “Bound For Glory,” TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries called out the meanest man in the IMPACT Zone on Open Fight Night, Bully Ray. Aries admitted that he wants to ascend to the same professional heights as Hardy, so, considering Hardy recently took down Bully Ray to earn the title shot, sometimes imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Once A Bully…Always A Bully

In typical fashion, Bully Ray threw an illegal punch with his chain wrapped around his knuckles, securing the tainted victory against the Champ. Hoping to add insult to injury, Bully Ray set up for another cheap shot, but Jeff Hardy rushed in to save Aries.

What Happens Next?

Will Joseph Park escape his kidnapping at the hands of the “Aces and 8s”? Will the IMPACT Zone ever be safe again? Tune in next week for an all new IMPACT WRESTLING as we inch closer to the spectacular Bound For Glory!

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