Sunday, September 9, 2012

Poll Closed: BFG 2012? (343 Votes)

Jeff Hardy
Poll Closed: Who Will Win TNA Impact Wrestling's Bound For Glory Series 2012? (343 Votes) 
  1. Jeff Hardy 120 (34%) 
  2. James Storm 70 (20%) 
  3. Kurt Angle 33 (9%) 
  4. Rob Van Dam 33 (9%) 
  5. AJ Styles 28 (8%) 
  6. Samoa Joe 27 (7%) 
  7. Ken Anderson 8 (2%)
  8. Bully Ray 9 (2%) 
  9. Daniels 5 (1%) 
  10. Magnus 4 (1%)
  11. Robbie E 3 (0%)
  12. The Pope 3 (0%)
Clearly, there are 2 major favourites. #1 is Jeff Hardy, who wins every popularity contest. If he is the most popular star in TNA today then why isn't he the Champion? I'm guessing because the last time he was Champion he had the whole incident with Sting and had to go to rehab. Does that mean Jeff Hardy will never hold another Championship Belt again? 

#2 is James Storm, who was my pick to win it all when this whole series started. I assumed Bobby Roode would still be Champion when this was over and it would come down to Storm vs Roode for the TNA Championship, only this time Storm would finally win! Now even if Storm wins that can't happen, great job TNA!

I was surprised Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles, and Ken Anderson did not receive more votes, I thought they would be serious contenders. Its getting a bit disappointing that TNA never puts any of their top stars in the main events or have them wear the belts. When was the last time any of the guys I just named won anything?  

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