Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Triple H Hair Cut

We all know by now that Triple H cut his hair last week after TMZ broke the story with a photo of Triple H and a few fans outside of WWE headquarters. We know now that the haircut will play into the Brock Lesnar storyline, likely something along the lines that Triple H is retired after Lesnar broke his arm at SummerSlam and he's so serious about retiring that he did what others have done when they retire - cut their hair off. As we have noted, plans remain in place for a Triple H vs. Lesnar rematch.

A WWE source pointed out how Triple H just happened to be "caught" by TMZ outside of WWE headquarters with a fan who just happened to be wearing a Triple H t-shirt. The source found it interesting that TMZ was given this access when they have been the ones to first reveal WWE arrests including Cameron's recent DUI arrest. The feeling is that WWE officials are happy with TMZ covering them.

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