Sunday, September 23, 2012

What if The nWo Was Reborn?

Imagine The nWo reborn with today's WWE Superstars and Divas. What if John Cena betrayed the WWE Universe and reformed The New World Order? 


There have been a number of memorable factions and groups throughout WWE history. Some of these cliques were influential in changing the landscape of sports-entertainment and other served only to serve the leader. When the factions formed, they filled their ranks with competitors who followed a certain creed or philosophy with each member looking to enhance their own careers.

Who could possibly comprise the modern incarnation of the most notorious faction of all time? It would take a major betrayal of the WWE Universe akin to Hulk Hogan’s original collusion with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The only Superstar capable of such an impactful move would be none other than John Cena.

When Hogan deceived WCW, he was as polarized as Cena. Some still loved the classic red and yellow, others were tired of it. Judging by Cena’s reactions in various arenas all over the country, the same can be said for his creed of “hustle, loyalty and respect.” The Cenation leader could eventually just have his fill of “Cena sucks” chants, grab a can of black spray-paint and really give the WWE Universe something to “boo” about.

To maximize their initial impact, the 21st century New World Order would need a strong base, similar to Hogan and The Outsiders. Both Hall and Nash were loved and hated by fans based on what served their needs. Well-rounded veterans, The Outsiders did whatever they needed to ensure their own success. Given the pasts of both Randy Orton and Christian, joining John Cena in The nWo would give them each an edge over other seasoned veterans in WWE.

Of course, Big Show is the only member of the original New World Order still in active competition. When the black-and-white–clad faction reformed in WWE in 2002, The World’s Largest Athlete once again donned the colors and there’s nothing to stop him from doing it again, after all, “When you’re nWo, you’re nWo 4-Life.”

With four major Superstars taking charge, The nWo would inevitably expand its ranks. To keep its legacy intact, The New World Order’s recruitment efforts would focus on Michael McGillicutty and the fact that his father, Curt Hennig, was a member of the faction. Wearing the black and white with promises of achieving greater success than his Hall of Fame father would only elevate McGillicutty to championship contention.

To stave off any legal troubles they might encounter, The New World Order would need to look no further than David Otunga. A powerful and rising competitor, Otunga’s legal expertise — as well as his celebrity — makes him the perfect addition to The nWo.

Finally, The New World Order needs a loud and obnoxious mouthpiece. This is someone who doesn’t mince words and, no matter what, always skews in favor of the black and white. The original group had WCW President Eric Bischoff, but Cena and his colleagues need to look no further than the announce table for Michael Cole. Now that’s an alliance that’s just too sweet.

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  1. How loudly can I say "NO" to Michael Cole? Otunga's a stretch, but Cole? I'm sorry, you do know this is the nWo, right?


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