Sunday, September 23, 2012

Who Will Replace AJ As GM?

Since Raw 1,000, AJ Lee has been spotlighted as a major character on WWE TV.

Of course, because she's been the Raw GM, lots of screen time has been allotted to her.

As recently as a few weeks ago, we'd see the Puerto Rican diva as much as four to five times on a single Raw broadcast.

If she's not aimlessly skipping around the ring, AJ has been known to be an on-the-fly matchmaker, as well as regularly butt heads with those who contest her authority.

As far as the way she's been characterized, her portrayal has been that of a strong-willed, independent female who sometimes has flashes of incompetence attributed to a lack of control.

While AJ is just finding her groove as GM, a recent report suggests that the character may be dropped altogether.

From the members-only section of

There are those in the company that feel despite success this summer in her [AJ's] gimmick with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, AJ hasn’t worked in the GM role as they had hoped. When replacements are discussed, Vickie Guerrero is a name that continues to draw a lot of support although there has also been talk of keeping her with Dolph and bringing Flair back as GM.

If fans could ultimately choose between Vickie Guerrero and Ric Flair to be the next Raw GM, the latter would unanimously win out.

As effective as a heel Guerrero has been over the years, her shrill "Excuse Me!" act has grown tiresome and groan-inducing.

Not to mention, Raw just saw a heel GM storyline—John Laurinaitis' "People Power"—play out over the first half of the year. A retread of that would not only be too soon, but may irretrievably alienate viewers.

Ric Flair, on the other hand, would be a much better choice for the GM role.

Certainly, credibility isn't an issue as the blond-maned living legend has a plethora of wrestling accolades and peer respect in his favor.

Furthermore, because he hasn't been an on-air character since 2008, Flair would offer a relatively fresh approach to the trite GM formula.

From a continuity standpoint, Flair would also have a greater right to the title of GM than most, given the fact he was depicted as co-owner of WWE in 2001.

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