Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly

So I would assume Kelly Kelly is no longer a WWE Diva. Her twitter account is now her real name "Barbie Blank" rather than her WWE Diva name "Kelly Kelly". 

I'm sure most people wouldn't guess that a Diva with the fake name Kelly Kelly would have an even funnier real name, but Barbie Blank is in fact her real name. I think its quite fitting lol.

Its too bad she is leaving (or left) the WWE. I'm not really going to miss her bad wrestling matches with her screaming through the whole match, but she was definatly the top Diva in the WWE currently and she will be missed. 

I always thought they should have had her be the girlfriend of Zack Ryder. She could have just managed him instead of trying to wrestle, and they could have been Zack and Kelly lol. 

Twitter: @TheBarbieBlank

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