Friday, October 26, 2012

Kane & Daniel Bryan

Although I'm not someone who constantly bashes the WWE's PG programming, one area in which it has detracted from the overall quality of the product is when it comes to comedic segments. Many of the WWE's infantile attempts at humor fall short, but Kane and Daniel Bryan seem to be changing that.

When you consider where the new Tag Team champions were several months ago, it's tough to fathom that they are coming close to meeting or exceeding the comedic chemistry that Edge and Christian exemplified for so many years as a team. Everything Kane and Bryan have done over the past month has been fantastic, though.

When Bryan came to WWE he was a spectacular technical wrestler, but he seemed to be lacking when it came to personality. Kane made his long-awaited return under a mask last year and was portrayed as an unstoppable monster, but he has changed significantly as he has gone back to being more of a fan-friendly character.

It's tough to say why with certainty, but Kane and Bryan together as a team just works. The WWE has done a great job of cultivating their partnership by having them feud at first and then playing up their respective psychological problems to make it seem as though they have something in common.

Not only that, but both Bryan and Kane have some history with RAW general manager A.J. Lee. She used her power to further embarrass her former flames by making both of them attend anger-management classes. As simple as they were, the anger-management skits were funnier than anything the WWE has produced in the past few years at least.

Both Kane and Bryan have done such a great job that they actually make me believe that they're mentally unstable sometimes. After they won the Tag Team Championship at Night of Champions, they continually screamed "I am the Tag Team champions" at each other, and as simple as it may sound, I hope they continue that gimmick moving forward.

Kane has played the serious monster for the majority of his career, but he is no stranger to being a comedic character either. That usually happens when he's in tag teams with the likes of Hurricane, X-Pac, Rob Van Dam and others, so it isn't overly surprising to see him doing it now that he's paired with D-Bry.

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As far as Bryan is concerned, though, I didn't realize he had this type of entertainment value in him. As "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson, Bryan was always a vicious in-ring competitor with incredible skill, but he had a very serious demeanor that didn't seem to lend itself to comedic excellence.

Perhaps Bryan was actually being held back on the independent scene to some degree, though, as the psychotic comedy act has made him immeasurably more entertaining in my estimation. The old Bryan was great, but he was somewhat one-dimensional, so I have to believe that his new persona is going to launch him to new heights in the WWE.

One of the best features of the Attitude Era was the comedy, and while not everything was as hilarious as Vince McMahon probably thought, there were a lot of great moments. The WWE can't really let loose now like it did back then as far as comedy sketches go, but Kane and Bryan have managed to be funny while staying within the PG guidelines.

Truth be told, Kane and Bryan have a lot of restrictions that could stop them from being funny, but they haven't affected them at all. Kane and Bryan have kept things fairly simple, but the crazy gimmick allows them to act strange and it just seems to work.

I know that Kane and Bryan won't be a team forever, since Bryan has a bright future as a singles competitor, but I'm certainly going to enjoy the ride for now. The tag division has been irrelevant for so long that I'm ecstatic to see to guys working together to bring it back to prominence.

Not only are they doing that for the die-hard fans, but they're keeping all the fringe fans entertained as well with their wacky antics. Kane and Bryan are undoubtedly the best thing going in WWE right now.

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