Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Demolition Story

Who were the members of the Demolition?
he two original members of the team were Bill Eadie who played Ax and Randy Culley who played Smash. Culley was fired by the WWF only after around a month of playing Smash and Barry Darsow took this place. Bryan Adams who played Crush was added as a third member of the team in 1990 after Ax developed serious health problems and couldn't meet the demanding schedule of the WWF. The three members took turns fighting but it was mostly Smash and Crush who fought. Ax was fired from the WWF and soon after the other two members of Demolition broke up.

Why was Ax fired?
Ax's health problems which were preventing him from wrestling a lot had taken a turn for the worse in 1991. The WWF figured it was too risky to have Ax fighting for them if they already had two members for Demolition. So the WWF released him around March of 1991.

Soon after his WWF release Ax filed a lawsuit against the WWF. Ax claims the WWF agreed to hire him for life if he gave them the rights to the Demolition name. It is believed that Ax lost the case but that is not certain.

Did they ever wrestle The Road Warriors?
Yes. All three members of Demolition fought The Road Warriors and Ultimate Warrior in many WWF house shows in 1990. Ax and Smash did fight the two members of Road Warriors in a tag team cage match at one house show though when Ultimate Warrior no-showed it and Crush was injured. The Road Warriors won the match.

There is confusion that the Demolition fought the Road Warriors many times in 1988. The team Demolition fought in 1988 were not the warriors and were a team known as the Powers of Pain. The team was pretty much a Road Warriors lookalike.

Was there a team called the New Demolition?
Yes. Ax and a wrestler named Flash wrestled under the name New Demolition in various independent federations. The WWF gave Eadie(Ax) threats of legal action and the team was stopped shortly after.

Is the Demolition getting back together?
It is not certain if we will ever see the Demolition again. The WWF and Bill Eadie have been fighting over the rights to the Demolition name ever since 1991. It is believed WWF is winning the case but I'm not sure if the case is actually over.

Who performed their theme music?
The Demolition theme song was performed by rock star Rick Derringer.

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