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TNA BFG 2012

Bound For Glory is the biggest PPV of the year for TNA. This is supposed to be their WrestleMania. But it took me 3 days to get through this whole PPV because most of the matches were that bad. However, there were 2 matches that saved the whole show. 

In recent weeks I basically lost interest in TNA. I stopped watching Impact, I didn't care anymore. This basically happened when Austin Aries became the Champion and the whole Aces & Eights crap started. I just wasn't interested it what they were doing anymore. I can't help but think of better things they could be doing with the talent they have rather then wasting them like always. 

I thought TNA has a big plan, a plan they were building up for a whole year... I thought this plan started last year at Bound For Glory when Bobby Roode won the BFG Series but failed to win the title. James Storm went out on Impact and won the title from Kurt Angle and obviously made Roode very jealous. That jealousy split up the greatest Tag-Team in TNA history. But this was going to be a great feud. Roode screwed Storm over with the beer bottle and won the title from him and this split up their team for good and started a great feud. It seemed like Storm was set to win the title back inside a steel cage in his hometown, but that didn't happen. In a great match, Storm super-kicked Roode right through the cage door and out onto the floor, causing Roode to win the match and keep the title. This should have set up a great re-match, but Storm was so upset he quit wrestling. This only built up the re-match more, and the timing was perfect. As Storm returned it was just in time to start the new BFG Series. For this reason, I thought Storm was going to win the whole Series. It would have been perfect. Last year Roode won, this year Storm should win. And this would give Storm his re-match, and it would be in the main event of the biggest PPV of the year! 

But that didn't happen. Storm was in first place every week in the Series, but then he lost in the finals on the last PPV. Jeff Hardy won the Series because TNA wanted to keep him happy so he wouldn't leave because his contract is up next month. At the same time, Roode dropped the title to Austin Aries. That kind of came out of nowhere. With no build up, Roode was finally defeated, and by someone with no feud or reason to be pushed into the main event. (Not to knock Aries, he is a great wrestler). So now Roode was no longer the Champion, and Storm was not the #1 Contender. So there is no re-match in the main event for the Championship. But they thankfully still decided to have this huge match after a year long build up, even though TNA management ruined what should have been one of the greatest TNA Bound For Glory main events of all time. 

Meanwhile, Hardy was challenging Aries in the main event with no build up. Their feud was apparently based on Aries being jealous of Hardy, which was stupid because Aries was the Champion and shouldn't be going into a match where he is the underdog that is jealous of the challenger. 

Lets just go through the run down of all the matches. Shockingly, Rob Van Dam randomly challenged the X-Division Champion Zema Ion to a match the week before the PPV. Luckily, I went back and watched the last 2 weeks worth of Impact before the PPV so I would know what the matches were. TNA left most of the matches until the very last minute to book, which is surprising considering this is their WrestleMania. Regardless, I was thrilled to see RVD win the X-Division Championship for the first time in his entire career! 

Next, Magnus challenged his former Tag-Team partner and new Television Champion Samoa Joe to a match for the title. I kinda wanted to see Magnus win just because I like seeing new Champions crowned, but honestly it was a joke and we all knew Joe was going to win, which he did. 

I was really expecting the Tag-Team Championship match to steal the show because Kurt Angle and AJ Styles is an amazing Tag-Team. They have had several matches with the Champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian, but on the biggest PPV of the year they did not have their best match to date. Worst of all, the third team of Chavo and Hernandez won the match and the titles. Oh well, they have never won the belts before so it was nice to see someone new win, but I expected Angle and Styles to win for sure.

The real heart-breaker of the show for me was seeing Miss Tessmacher lose her Knockouts Championship to her trainer and best friend Tara. The worst part of the whole match was the very stupid post match celebration with Tara and her boyfriend (who is supposed to be some big TV star, but I have no idea who he is). It was just stupid, Tessmacher is the only Knockout left worth watching and she looked like a loser on the biggest PPV of the year. Not a smart move on TNA's part in my opinion. 

The big built up match, the feud between Hulk Hogan and Sting versus the Aces & Eights was finally going to be settled once and for all, or so we thought. Sting had to pick a new Tag-Team partner because Hogan couldn't go through with the match. Shockingly, Sting and Hogan picked Bully Ray (who I thought was going to be revealed as the leader of the Aces & Eights). Bully came out with Sting face-paint, which I thought was a nice touch. But in the end, all of the Aces & Eights got involved in the match and won. The big shock at the end was when the leader of the Aces & Eights took off his mask... for months fans have speculated who it was going to be: Jeff Jarret was my choice, others said Matt Morgan, pretty much anyone who left TNA was rumored to return as this leader. In the end, the leader was reveled to be Devon... what a joke. You could hear the crowd laughing. It was stupid. Bully Ray would have made sense as the leader. Bringing back Jeff Jarrett would have been huge. It would have made the most sense since it was his company and now he would be doing a hostile take over of that very company. It could have been great! But that didn't happen. The leader is Devon, the Aces & Eights won the match and are now a part of TNA. 

The other name I mentioned was Matt Morgan. His contract expired and he wanted to leave TNA and return to the WWE, but TNA filed a lawsuit along with one over the whole Ric Flair situation. TNA let Ric Flair go to the WWE Hall Of Fame, in return Christian had to appear at a TNA PPV. But then WWE tried to sign Ric Flair back and wanted him to be the GM of Raw, but TNA filed a lawsuit to keep that from happening. As a result, it was rumored that Matt Morgan was unable to go back to the WWE and was going to re-sign with TNA, but that he wasn't happy. He apparently showed up at a house-show and kicked a referee. This got a lot of rumours going as to what he was going to do next...

Well in the lame match with Joey Ryan and Al Snow we found out. This match was horrible and the whole idea was ruined in my opinion. Joey Ryan was a Baby-Face who the fans wanted to see, Taz had turned him down at Gut-Check, and they had a feud going. But obviously Taz wasn't going to get back in the ring so it was switched to a feud with Ryan and Snow. Only I guess Snow wanted to be the Baby-Face so Ryan had to turn Heel. Ryan started showing up and attacking Snow on Impact and this made the fans hate Ryan. Snow gave Ryan a match at Bound For Glory to earn a full time contract with TNA. But Snow was dominating the match, making Ryan look stupid. That was until Matt Morgan interfered and cost Snow the match and helped Ryan win his contract.

So now Joey Ryan and the Aces & Eights are in TNA for good, and Matt Morgan is back?

So what about the main event? The match everyone wanted to see more than any other match, the match with the year long build up? Oh that's right, that wasn't going to happen after all the build up. Instead, the TNA Champion Austin Aries was set to defend his title which he held for about a month against the winner of the BFG Series Jeff Hardy who got lucky on the last PPV and stole the whole Series.

I was shocked when the match started and the entire crowd was chanting Austin Aries. I assumed Jeff Hardy would be the fan favourite, but I was wrong. I'm not sure if it was planned or a shock but Hardy did not seem happy about it. Maybe this is what they wanted, or maybe it just started to get to Hardy because as the match went on he seemed to start to turn Heel. Aries was trying to go Heel in the weeks leading up to this match but when the match started all that work must have failed because he was clearly the Baby-Face.

On top of that, Aries out wrestled Hardy the entire match in my opinion and proved he was the better wrestler. It looked like Hardy had lost a step or two and Aries was having the match of his life. I'm sure the crowd reaction had a lot to do with it. But then it was as if Hardy was noticing this and decided to step up and prove he could still keep up with the new Champion. Hardy did a move I haven't seen in so long, he picked up Aries as if he was going to do a Power-Bomb but then flipped backwards throwing Aries face first into the mat. That got a pretty good pop out of the crowd. 

However, as Hardy picked up pace Aries answered back and really stole the show. In the end, Aries had the crowd in the palm of his hand, and when he hit his running drop-kick in the corner that sets up his finisher the Brain-Buster, the entire crowd was going nuts! Aries hit his move and the crowd was counting the 3, but when Hardy kicked out the crowd seemed let down instead of excited. I think everyone wanted to see Aries win right there. But then Hardy turned it all around very quickly and hit the Twist-Of-Fate, and then the Swanton-Bomb and got the 3 count for the win. This was a very disappointing ending. I'm not against the idea of Hardy being the TNA Champion, but I'm just saying in regards to the match the high point was when Aries hit the Brain-Buster, not when Hardy hit the Swanton-Bomb. So a disappointing finish in my opinion. 

So in the beginning I said only 2 matches saved this show, and as much as I didn't like the ending, I will say that the main event between Hardy and Aries was the second match the stole the show. However, the match I saved for the end, which should have been the main event because it was by far the best match on the show and in TNA this year... James Storm vs Bobby Roode! 

After a year long build up, these two finally settled their feud, and this match did not disappoint. 

They fought in the ring, outside the ring, up the steel walk-way to the ring. They used everything imaginable, this was an old-school, hardcore, extreme match. They bleed, well I should say James Storm bleed, but he bleed enough for the both of them! They used chairs, garbage cans and lids, tables, you name it. Storm cracked open his face when he was slingshot into the ring-post outside the ring. Roode speared Storm off the new glass announce table through the wooden Spanish announce table. But things got really interesting when Roode had Storm on the top rope and he went outside the ring and came back in with a bag full of tacks! 

Roode spread the tacks all over the ring and climbed to the top rope to Super-Plex Storm back into the ring and onto the tacks. But Storm fought and knocked Roode back into the tacks off the second rope. Storm then jumped and dropped the elbow. Roode kicked out. Roode went outside the ring again, this time he came back in with a six-pack of beer. Roode went to hit Storm over the head with a beer bottle to win just like he won the title from Storm almost a year ago. Only this time Roode missed, and Storm picked up another beer bottle and this time it was Storm that smashed the beer bottle over Roode's head. 

Roode collapsed and looked unconscious, but Storm pulled him back up to his feet and left him standing and wobbling in the middle of the ring, in front of all the tacks. Storm went to the corner, and delivered the Super-Kick which sent an unconscious Roode falling backwards onto the tacks for the second time in the match. Storm covered Roode and got the 3 count winning the match. The crowd went crazy, this was the high point of the entire PPV. Storm should be the new TNA Champion and this should be considered the match of the year in TNA. 

X-Division Champion - Rob Van Dam
Television Champion - Samoa Joe
Tag-Team Champions - Chavo & Hernandez 
Knockouts Champion - Tara 
TNA Champion - Jeff Hardy 

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