Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Best Match: Hell In A Cell

Poll Closed: Best Match: Hell In A Cell (127 Votes)
  • CM Punk VS Ryback 71 (55%)
  • Sheamus VS The Big Show 49 (38%)
  • Randy Orton VS Alberto Del Rio 20 (15%)
  • Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara VS The Prime Time Players 17 (13%)
  • Kaitlyn VS Layla VS Eve Torres 10 (7%)
  • Hell No VS Rhodes Scholars 7 (5%)
  • The Miz VS Kofi Kingston 7 (5%)
  • Antonio Cesaro VS Justin Gabriel 5 (3%)
The Hell In The Cell PPV had the worst ending in the history of PPVs and the main event is still voted the best match on the whole PPV. Ryback should have won the match and the WWE Championship but he was screwed by the referee. 

Meanwhile, Big Show and Sheamus had one of the best matches of the year and I am shocked it was not voted the best match on the PPV. They both kicked out of each others finishers and in the end the Big Show did exactly what he said he would, he knocked out Sheamus and won the World Championship!

Randy Orton had a decent match with Alberto Del Rio, and the finish was great... Alberto went for the move where he runs up the turnbuckles and kicks his opponent in the head, only Orton moved and caught Del Rio in mid-air with the RKO for the win!

I thought the rest of the matches were disappointments. The Miz never has a good match so Kofi should be fighting someone that can keep up with him like Dolph Ziggler. Team Hell No is the most exciting and hilarious tag-team I think I've ever seen so I don't want to see them lose the titles, but they need some serious competition. The Divas match, and the United States Championship match were both weak.

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