Friday, January 18, 2013

Adam's Wrestling 2012 Awards

I was disappointed with the WWE Slammy Awards this year, and I was excited that TNA was giving out an award but they only did one and it was kind of a disappointment as well. So I have decided to announce who I would give the major awards to, and I will choose from either WWE or TNA (or any other wrestling promotion for that matter).

Superstar Of The Year
Without a doubt, there is no question, this award belongs to CM Punk because he was the WWE Champion (the mos prestigious Championship in all of wrestling) undefeated for the entire year of 2012. There were no other WWE Champions in 2012, that is unheard of nowadays. WWE gave this award to Cena who had the worst year of his career, and TNA gave this award to Jeff Hardy for his comeback from his drug addiction. In TNA the best Champion they had all year was Bobby Roode, the longest reigning TNA Champion in history, but his reign didn't last as long as CM Punk's which is still going in 2013! 

Diva / Knockout Of The Year
I don't think either company bothered to give out this award, which seems like a shame to me. In the WWE Layla returned to become Divas Champion, but the best Divas Champion of the year would seem to be Eve, but nothing in the WWE compared to the new Knockouts Champion in TNA this past year... Miss Tessmacher! 

Tag-Team Of The Year
WWE has not had a decent Tag-Team in years so TNA is the only company with decent Tag-Team matches. But this year they did not have Beer Money or the Motor City Machine Guns, so the WWE stole the show with Team Hell No! Kane and Daniel Bryan were by far the greatest and funniest team in wrestling this year!

Match Of The Year
There were obviously many great matches over the year, but I think its a safe bet that the best match of every year will typically take place at Wrestlemania because it is the biggest show of the year. To be fair to TNA I would say the best match they had all year was Bobby Roode vs James Storm at Bound For Glory. This match should have been the main event for the TNA Championship. In the WWE I think after all the hype over the entire year everyone expected John Cena vs The Rock to be the match of the year, but considering neither of them have ever been able to wrestle I think the award has to go to the End Of An Era, Hell In A Cell match between Triple H and the Undertaker with special referee Shawn Micheals. I think that match alone could have been the PPV, I don't think the WWE needs anything else besides the Undertaker match at Wrestlemania, each year it gets better than the year before.

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