Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things Heating Up In the WWE

Suddenly things have been heating up in the WWE and its very exciting. The road the Wrestlemania must have started early this year because each week just keeps getting better! 

I would say it all started when they had the TLC match on Raw between Ryback and the WWE Champion CM Punk. This was a PPV match and it wasn't even the main event on Raw that week. Obviously Ryback had the match won but the Shield came to Punk's rescue yet again. 

Highlights of the match, Ryback running through a table outside, Ryback throwing Punk out of the ring through a table outside, but then Ryback climbed the ladder and had his hand on the belt when the lights went out. That's when the Shield came to Punk's rescue and through Ryback through a table onto the ring steps outside the ring allowing Punk to win the match. 

Other shows besides Raw have been heating up as well. Main Event just keeps getting better making it a major show to watch, but what has shocked me most is NXT. I had no interest in ever watching this show but suddenly it became a real show worth watching in my opinion. Shawn Micheals was there trying to start up Tag-Team Championships, when Triple H came out, then Kevin Nash, X-Pac, and Billy Gunn. Then Big E Langston got his title match against the first ever NXT Champion from the Shield and won the title! This guy is impressive with his power, I love his finishing move, and the fact that he is bringing back King Kong Bundy's 5 count!

When did NXT get its own arena show with its own championship belts? This is exciting!

But then on Smackdown the Rock made an appearance for the first time in 10 years! I can't remember the last time Smackdown was worth watching. It was getting to the point where I only wanted to watch Raw. But then Main Event started getting good, NXT just became a real show, and now Smackdown matters again? That wasn't all though, the main event on Smackdown was a World Championship match, a Last Man Standing match between Champion Big Show and Alberto Del Rio. 

Big Show hit the WMD to knock out Del Rio but he managed to roll his feet out of the ring by Ricardo and they touched the floor ending the count. Big Show came out of the ring, picked up the ring steps and tried to smash Del Rio's head between the steps and the ring post, but Del Rio just dropped out of the way and Big Show smashed his own face into the ring steps into the poll. As Big Show staggered back towards the announce table Del Rio picked up the steps and repeatedly struck the Big Show until he collapsed behind the announce table which Del Rio flipped over onto the Big Show holding him down. Big Show couldn't get up and Del Rio became the new World Champion!

I knew they wanted to give Del Rio the belt but I thought Dolph Ziggler would cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase to take the belt off the Big Show. I didn't expect this. I guess WWE wanted to give Del Rio the belt before Ziggler started his long run as World Champion. 

What I expect now is that the winner of the Royal Rumble will obviously challenge the WWE Champion and that will leave an opening for the World title and Ziggler will announce he is challenging the World Champion in the main event of Wrestlemania! 

Imagine if Ziggler cashed in his contract now and won the World Championship, then won the Royal Rumble and challenged the WWE Champion winning both titles!

Meanwhile, the biggest show of them all was this past Monday which was the 20th anniversary of Monday Night Raw! 

There was a Rock concert as the main event, Rock and Punk started fighting. Ric Flair was on MizTV, they showed highlights of all the best moments of the past 20 years! There was a steel cage match between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler that stole the show in my opinion. Cena couldn't escape because of Big E Langston on the outside. AJ was causing trouble as well. But in the end, AJ climbed to the top of the cage, and Big E went into the ring with Dolph's briefcase, but Dolph grabbed it and went to knockout Cena but missed and knocked out Big E, Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment and got the pin! There was also another title change, Eve defended the Divas title against Kaitlyn and there is a new Divas Champion now. Kaitlyn finally won the Divas title after months of build-up. I assumed this would happen at the Royal Rumble but it happened early. Afterwards, backstage Eve announced that she quit the WWE, which I was surprised by. I assumed there would be a rematch at the Rumble and again at Wrestlemania. I guess Layla or AJ will take her spot

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