Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Which Diva Should Have Been In Playboy?

Which Diva Should Have Been In Playboy? 

Poll Closed (Votes 459)
  1. Lita 105 
  2. Trish Stratus 95
  3. Kelly Kelly 88 
  4. Stacey Kiebler 57  
  5. Eve Torres 53
  6. Mickie James 52 
  7. AJ Lee 51
  8. Velvet Sky 40 
  9. Miss Tessmacher 37 
  10. Layla 32
  11. Sunny 29
  12. Miss Elizabeth 24 
  13. Michelle McCool 23
  14. Natalya 22
  15. Angelina Love 19
  16. Terri Runnels 17 
  17. Gail Kim 15  
  18. Debra 13 / Nitro Girls 13 
  19. Dawn Marie 11  
  20. Kimberly Page 10  
  21. Gorgeous George 9  
  22. Major Gunns 5  
  23. Extreme Francine
Lita tops the list, with over a hundred votes, as the Diva you would all like to see in Playboy the most! Its hard to believe she never posed for Playboy, she was never very modest. She was known for always showing her underwear, she had sex with Edge in the ring, and before she was a wrestler she was a stripper in Mexico! 

Trish Stratus came in second. I actually thought she might win, it was close, she almost broke a hundred, just short. I think Trish was probably the most well known Diva in WWE history. More magazine covers, television appearances, but never in Playboy. 

Kelly Kelly was another one that came close to winning. Not a bad top three I must say. Kelly Kelly made her start in ECW with her Extreme Expose. She was always trying to take her clothes off on TV but for some reason never posed for Playboy.

Honourable mention to: Stacey Kiebler, Eve Torres, Mickie James, AJ Lee, Velvet Sky, and Miss Tessmacher who would be my personal choice!

I honestly thought Sunny and Miss Elizabeth would have got a lot more votes. But I think more current Divas seemed to get all the votes. 

We had one tie, Debra and the Nitro Girls (who I listed as a group) both had 13 votes each. 

Gorgeous George should have been a huge star but it never happened, same with Major Gunns, but they were both WCW stars and never got a chance in the WWE. I actually kind of feel sorry for Extreme Francine, she was such a big star in ECW but also never got a break in WWE

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