Thursday, January 31, 2013

WWE Signs Brock Lesnar 2 More Years!

WWE’s initial signing of Brock Lesnar was a major addition to the roster, and the company has decided the financial impact of the former WWE and UFC heavyweight champion warranted another two-year contract from WWE, according to PWInsider (via Wrestling Inc.):

PWInsider reports that Brock Lesnar has signed the two-year contract extension that we noted was previously offered to him. This would keep Lesnar in the company through WrestleMania 31.

There have been many members of the WWE Universe that have been critical of WWE’s usage of Lesnar, but until we see how the last three months of his initial one-year contract play out, the fans should reserve their judgment.

So far in his return, Lesnar’s matches at Extreme Rules against John Cena and at SummerSlam against Triple H have been amazing. With endless possibilities for who the in-ring veteran could square off against over the next two-plus years, this is a win-win long-term deal for WWE as a company.

It’s clear that there were a few kinks in the deal with Lesnar—too few television and pay-per-view appearances namely—but the fact that WWE went to the well again and signed the PPV draw to a two-year extension proves there are big things in store for the veteran.

WWE knows what Lesnar is capable of in terms of both being an in-ring performer and being a name that puts the fans in the seats and causes them to order PPVs, and the company is looking to use both to its advantage through WrestleMania 31.

Just like The Rock, Undertaker or Stone Cold Steve Austin, all Lesnar has to do is show up and the crowds will swoon for the legend.

The new two-year contract will also allow WWE to long-term book the former MMA star in some of the most well-built WrestleMania-worthy matches the WWE Universe has ever seen.

Brock will likely have his rematch with Triple H this year at WrestleMania 29, but the new contract extension makes it possible for Lesnar to fight The Undertaker for the streak in 2014.

Add in the fact that WWE has him for WrestleMania 31 as well, and Vince McMahon and the company officials have made the right choice locking up the proven draw for at least two more years.

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