Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poll: Ultimate Warrior Hall Of Fame?

Poll Closed (58 Votes) Will The WWE Induct The Ultimate Warrior Into The Hall Of Fame?
  • Yes 44 (75%)
  • No 14 (24%)
It looks like the fans want to see the Ultimate Warrior inducted into the Hall Of Fame, but I still don't know if we will ever see it happen. I don't think the WWE and the Warrior are on good terms, and I don't think they want to work with him again. But I think they need to make it happen. Now that Triple H is running things all the guys that Vince hated, or that hated Vince, are suddenly being inducted. So if Warrior had an issue with Vince now would be his chance to get in. But I think Triple H hates the Warrior too. Triple H's first Wrestlemania match was against the Ultimate Warrior, and I've heard him talk about that match and he hated that match and the Warrior. Triple H's best friend is Kevin Nash and if you remember he had a huge online feud with the Warrior not that long ago. So it seems like the deck is stacked against the Warrior, but I hope they can all put this aside and do this for the fans who want to see it happen!

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