Thursday, March 7, 2013

Macho Man Randy Savage Hall Of Fame

Poll Closed: Will Macho Man Randy Savage Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame? (60 Votes) 
  • Yes 44 (73%)
  • No 16 (26%)
I agree, I think Randy Savage should be in the Hall Of Fame. Its a shame that he isn't already. And I'm worried that now with Triple H in charge he might never get in since Triple H is not a huge fan of Randy Savage. I heard rumours that Randy's brother, who wrestled in the WWE as the Genius is insisting that the WWE can't induct Randy unless they induct him as well, which is ridiculous since he was a joke. I could see maybe inducting their father with Randy but not him. 

As I side note, I think the first lady of wrestling, Miss Elizabeth, should be inducted along with Randy! 

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