Monday, June 3, 2013

Crowd Member At 5-27 Raw Punched Security

John Cena taking on Curtis Axel during the main event of the May 27 edition of Raw wasn’t what caught the attention of fans in attendance and watching on TV.

Two fans who were at the event told that security guards escorted four members of the crowd from Calgary, Alberta’s Scotiabank Saddledome in Canada. Both fans maintain that one of these fans punched a security guard in the face.

While this was going on in the background, Axel yelled, “I’m the one you’re supposed to be paying attention to!” WWE cameras kept their focus away from the area of the crowd where this was seemingly happening.

One fan said, “During the main event security went up to talk to them and next thing I saw was one of them punch the security guard in the face. Within seconds there was about 15 security guards and a few cops there.”

Another fan said, “All I ended up seeing was a tidal wave of security rush over to the area, then I saw them get about 4 people out of there. There was one little guy who absoultely decked a security guard in the face.”

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