Saturday, July 6, 2013

Austin Aries Is Suicide!

On Impact, there was a triple threat match for the X-Division Title, and the winner would get the chance to cash it in for a shot at the Heavyweight Championship just like Austin Aries did last year. 

The Champion Chris Sabin was defending against the former Champion Kenny King... and Suicide who had recently returned.

Clearly, this version of Suicide was someone else. Originally it was Kazarian, and Christopher Daniels would sometimes also go out as Suicide. 

But it was obvious it was Daniels and the crowd could tell, so they had to have both Daniels and Suicide in the ring at the same time to prove he wasn't Suicide. But then they started the whole Fourtune story and brought in Kazarian, which turned into the Bad Influence thing they are doing now. So clearly someone else had to play Suicide. 

There were rumours that it was going to be someone big and they would have him revealed. Instead, they introduced the nobody that was the new Suicide, after the match was over and the imposter Suicide had won the match and the title. 

But now the question remained, who was wearing the mask that just won the title... and at the end of the show in front of Hulk Hogan and the rest of the world, Austin Aries revealed himself to be the imposter Suicide, the new X-Division Champion, and the number one contender for Bully Ray's World Heavyweight Championship!

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