Saturday, July 6, 2013

Best Match I've Seen All Year!

I don't know what has been going on with Randy Orton, and especially with Daniel Bryan, but they are on fire lately. I was just starting to get bored of the whole Daniel Bryan and Kane story, and they dropped the titles and I thought they would cool off. But then Kane went after the United States Championship and Vickie randomly put Bryan with Randy Orton to be the new tag-team. 

However, they didn't work as a team and turned on each other. This started the best fued I've seen all year!

They had matches cancelled and called off because the referee lost control, Vince wanted them to be kept apart and not have another re-match... Vince said Daniel Bryan is not someone he wants to see as Champion. But in the power struggle, Triple H said the opposite and told Vickie to give them a re-match in the main event and let the fans vote on what kind of crazy match they will have. 

The results were Street-Fight! 

It was the best match I've seen all year. More shots with the kindo-stick that I can remember seeing in a long time. High flying moves, power moves, submission moves. At one point Bryan dove off the top rope and Orton caught him into a power-bomb. Bryan had Orton in the Yes Lock and Orton was able to reach the kindo stick and start hitting Bryan till he broke the hold. But in the end, the second time Bryan used the Yes Lock, and Orton tried to use the kindo stick, Bryan caught it and used it across Orton's face as part of the Yes Lock... and Orton tapped out! 

After the match Orton shook Bryan's hand and it looks like they are setting Bryan up to be the WWE Champion very soon! 

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