Monday, September 2, 2013

SummerSlam 2013

This was a great PPV, probably the best one of the year. It felt like this was the show that Triple H really took over control of the company and started running things his way. It definitely had a feeling that things were different and this was going to be the usual WWE PPV we were expecting. 

I would have liked to have seen Rob Van Dam win the United States Championship in the pre-show match against Dean Ambrose. RVD has never held the United States Championship, it was his first PPV match other than his return in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. It is the first time and probably only time RVD will be competing in the pre-show match on a PPV. So it would have been cool to see him do something historic on that pre-show and win a title he has never held before. 

Then he could have started defending that title on every show, especially ones he has never competed on before like Main Event and Superstars. He could face any of the mid-card wrestlers he wants to face, maybe Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Zack Ryder, Wade Barrett, Fandango, possibly even Dolph Ziggler. But I would have RVD drop the title to Ryback at the next PPV. There should be a decent feud between RVD and Ryback, not just because they where the same tights lol. They are two of the biggest stars in the company, and it would set up an even bigger feud down the road. Once, RVD dropped the US Title I would have had him start going after the World Championship, which he has also never won. 

The best match on the entire PPV was CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar and there wasn't even a title on the line. Brock hit Punk with everything he had and Punk just kept coming back for more. Punk started hitting Brock with everything he had and when he finally hit the GTS it looked like he had the pin, but Heyman interfered, saving the match. Brock eventually hit the F5 dropping Punk face first onto a steel chair and that got him the win over Punk. 

These two will definitely be having some re-matches in the future I think (and hope). I just think they should work some titles into the mix. Punk should defeat Axel for the Intercontinental Championship. Then they could set up a re-match with Punk and Lesnar and have Lesnar win the IC Title which he has never held. They could do the same thing with the US Title which they haven't held, and eventually go for the World Championship which ultimately is what I want to see Brock Lesnar hold because he has never been World Champion before. 

Now that could be the point when RVD finally gets involved in the Paul Heyman storyline, but maybe they should do that sooner. Have RVD join in with them when they fight over the IC Title, or when they come for his US Title. Then eventually after they have all held those belts, move that storyline into the main event for the World Championship. They could drag that storyline out all the way to Wrestlemania 30 and have a triple threat match for the World Championship between Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk vs Rob Van Dam... with Paul Heyman as the special referee. That would be amazing. 

The Main Event was Daniel Bryan challenging the WWE Champion John Cena. Everyone cleared wanted to see Bryan win the Championship, including me. Cena was injured and it looked like Bryan night actually win. There were a few close calls where it looked like Cena might actually win. Triple H was doing a good job as the referee, he called it right down the middle. In the end, Cena's injury seemed to be a bit too much for him and Bryan got the better of him. I thought for sure the obvious finish would be for Bryan to get Cena into the Yes Lock with Cena's bad arm, and finally have John Cena tap out for the first time in his career. This would really put over Bryan and give Cena a great excuse for leaving for surgery. They could say that Daniel Bryan's Yes Lock ripped John Cenas arm tendons or anything they want and it would make Bryan look like a dangerous submission wrestler. 

But instead, Cena refused to tap out and Bryan won by a quick knee to Cena's head and a pin. But either way, Bryan won the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2013 and John Cena is out of action for 4-6 months for surgery on his arm. This was perfect. Bryan is our new Champion and Cena is gone. But is Bryan good enough to carry the company and be the new top guy and the face of the WWE? Vince didn't think so. Steph didn't think so. Only Triple H seemed to be on Bryan's side. So it seemed fitting that Triple H handed him the title and raised his hand and was in the ring celebrating with him. 

Although I thought it was kind of odd that Triple H didn't leave the ring after the match and let Bryan have the spotlight all to himself. That's when it occurred to me that something else might happen. Sure enough, Randy Orton's music hit and the Apex Predator came out to the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase in hand. Would he really cash it in and challenge the new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan to his first title defence moments after winning the title? 


Well it seemed like Orton came to his senses and would wait for a better opportunity when the Champ would be an easier target. Which I thought was a smart move and it would give everyone a chance to enjoy seeing Daniel Bryan as the WWE Champion. But that didn't happen. As soon as Bryan turned around Triple H hit him with the Pedigree right in the middle of the ring. Randy Orton turned around and came back into the ring, handed Triple H his briefcase. Triple H gave the order to ring the bell and start the match. Randy rolled Bryan over and made the pin. Triple H counted the three, and Randy Orton became the new WWE Champion! 

Now Randy Orton is the new face of the WWE. He can be the top guy that takes over in Cena's absence to carry the WWE. And he already has an obvious feud set up with Daniel Bryan. But the possibilities are endless for what we could see now. WWE Champion Randy Orton vs... CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kane, Mark Henry, and eventually John Cena when he returns. 


But the part that I liked the best was the image of Randy Orton and Triple H together again. The next night on Raw the sight of Orton, Triple H, Vince, and Steph together in the ring. I can't help but get the feeling that Evolution is coming back. Ric Flair is back with the WWE and could join them. All they need to do is bring back Dave Batista!

Triple H seems to be running things his way now. Cena is out. Orton is his top guy. Rob Van Dam is back, and going for the World Championship. Meanwhile the Money In The Bank winner that will challenge for the World Championship is Damien Sandow, who was trained by the same guy that trained Triple H and is clearly a Triple H guy. The Intercontinental Champion is currently Axel who is Mr. Perfect's son, but seems more like the next Triple H with the way he looks and wrestles. They already made him the next Heyman guy and had him get wins over Cena and Triple H before winning his father's belt on fathers day, which was a nice gesture by the WWE I thought. And all the other belts currently belong to Triple H's henchmen, The Sheild. 

So all the pieces are in place now for Triple H's reign over the WWE to being. And I cannot wait to see it all unfold! 

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