Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Elimination Chamber 2014

This wasn't a bad PPV but it could have been much better. The only decent match of the show was The Wyatt Family vs The Sheild. I think the only way this match could have been better would have been if it took place inside the Chamber. They could have done a Tag-Team Chamber match like they have as an option in the video game.

One Wyatt and one memeber of the Shield would start the match, and then wait to see which team gets the advantage. Then it would be a two on one match. Until it was evened up. Then a three on two handicap until finally all six were in the ring together.

But maybe that would have been too much like World War Three back in the WCW days. But I liked that match. It would be cool to see something like that. I think the fans would have enjoyed it.

I would have started with Luke Harper vs Seth Rollins and I would have had Rollins running full speed flying all around the ring winning the match. Then I would have had Erick Rowan enter the match next and the two Wyatts could have taken control by double teaming Rollins. That is until Dean Ambrose entered next to even the odds. From there it would have been an even match but I would have had The Shield with the upper hand. That is unil Bray Wyatt finally entered the ring and just took over. He would destroy both Ambrose and Rollins and they would just be waiting for Roman Reigns to come to the rescue. When he finally entered the ring I would have him just destroy everyone in the ring. Spears and Superman-Punches for everyone.

I think The Shield is the better team, so I would have had them win.

I want to see the New Age Outlaws really impress everyone like Goldust did with his return, but that doesn't seem to be happening. So they should have just dropped the Tag-Team Championships at the PPV rather than on Raw if they can't hold onto them until Wrestlemania.

AJ needs some competition as the Divas Champion. But clearly she has none. I think its time to bring Paige up from NXT and have her go Title for Title with AJ at Wrestlemania!

Big E doesn't seem to be over as Intercontiential Champion, but Jack Swagger is boring to watch. They should give the title to Antonio Cesaro.

They also need a new United States Champion desperately. I don't see why they don't do something with the Rhodes Family and that belt. Their Dad was the American Dream, so have Goldust be the United States Champion. Then have him defend the title against his own brother Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania and have their Dad Dusty Rhodes be the special guest referee.

The main event Chamber match wasn't too bad. I think the unbreakable plastic crap needs to go. It just snaps out of the chambers so easily and it doesn't even crack or break. I want it to explode like glass just like in the video game.

I think Daniel Bryan should have won, but if they needed to have Randy Orton keep the belt at least let him win the match clean. He deserved to get a clean win over John Cena at the Royal Rumble finally. Instead they had a cheat hin again, then had him lose to everyone (except Christian) in the weeks that followed. So he looks like a pathetic loser. I know that is their plan, but I think its a stupid plan. He deserves to prove he can win a match on his own.

They had enough excuses already in place for Bryan with his shoulder injury. But have him start the match and just have everyone wear him down. Or have Kane attack him on his way into entering the Chamber. But then have him battle back for as long as he can before finally he gets an RKO to be pinned.

A cool thing they could have done would have been if it came down to the finaly three which would obviously be Orton, Bryan, and Cena. But then instead of the Wyatt's interferring they could have shocked everyone... Orton could have Cena down for the pin when Bryan comes to his rescue. From their Bryan hits Orton with everything he has and finally hits him with the knee and is all set for the pin. But then, Cena who has recovered finally from the RKO jumps up and hits Bryan with the Attitude Adjustment and pins Byran. The crowd would riot and turn on Cena and make him so heel and evil and hated. It would shock the world. Cena taking the shortcut and stabbing Bryan in the back. But it makes sense, Bryan defeated Cena for the belt the last time Cena was Champion. So that has to be eating away at him that he has never had a rematch to defeat Bryan. So this would be his revenge.

But then Cena and Orton would square of one and one and again just like I would have done at the Rumble, I would have Orton defeat Cena clean right in the middle of the ring proving he is now the better wrestler.

Now everyone would be thinking Cena is out of the title picture. And Bryan is the one that deserves another shot. And they could have Bryan vs Orton at Wrestlemania. 

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