Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ultimate Warrior Tribute

The Ultimate Warrior was my childhood hero. Make fun of me if you want, but it's true. So I am very sad to read today that he passed away.

Saturday night he was finally inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Sunday night he made an appearance at Wrestlemania XXX. And on Monday night he made his first appearance on Monday Night Raw in over 18 years. Then Tuesday he died.

The first Wrestlemania I ever got to watch was Wrestlemania VI which took place at the Skydome. My father took me to a bar called Ricky Joes and we watched it live on their TVs. I was a huge Warrior fan and wanted to see him defeat Hulk Hogan for the title, and he did. 

Around that time my elementary school had a carnival. Every classroom had a different game. One room had face-paint. Of course I got my parents to take me in so I could get the Ultimate Warrior face-paint. The woman there had no idea who or what an Ultimate Warrior was so it looked nothing like it was supposed to, but I didn't care, I felt like the Ultimate Warrior. 

Just last summer, my work had a carnival, and they had a face-paint booth. Of course, all these years later, I still got the Ultimate Warrior face-paint. Some things never change!

I'm glad I got to see him get inducted into the hall of fame, and make a return to Wrestlemania and Raw... I just wish he got to hang around a bit longer so my son Xander could watch him and maybe even meet him and get an autograph.

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