Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why I Stopped Watching TNA

TNA was always hard to watch, but for a brief time it did seem like it was going to become a real contender against the WWE. Obviously never in the same league, but a decent second choice. But I never thought it would become as big as WCW, not even as big as ECW, but I did think it was worth watching.

That was until they fell apart...

I would say it all started to go downhill the moment Hulk Hogan left the company to return to the WWE. That is when Hogan and Bischoff stopped running the show and whoever Dixie put in charge next didn't know what they were doing.

It wasn't long before all the major talent wanted out. And they couldn't aford to keep them all anways with the company falling apart.

Rob Van Dam left as soon as his contract expired. He started with such a bag, he defeated Sting in his debut match in TNA. He went on to defeat AJ Styles for the TNA Championship belt. Which was amazing. I expected major feuds for that title between RVD and Jeff Hardy, not to mention rematches with AJ Styles. So much potential there. But none of that happened. Abyss attacked RVD with Janice the 2x4 full of nails. RVD was stripped of the title and never got another shot at it and never regained it. Instead he ended his career in TNA by losing the X-Division title to Kenny King the male stripper. I can see why he left.

They did something cool when they turned Jeff Hardy heel. He was the top heel in TNA and the fans hated him for turning on them. It was like when Hogan joined the NWO. He would smoke a cigerette on the way to the ring. He cut his hair much shorter. It was a cool idea. Then the infamous match with Sting, when Sting decided Jeff Hardy was too high to compete and just pinned him and ended the match. I thought that night was going to ruin Jeff Hardy's career and possibly TNA it was so bad. But Hardy went to rehab and made a comeback. Of course they turned him face again because the fans wanted to cheer for him after he came back. But they never really did anything with it. Then I thought he came to his senses and was returning to the WWE, but instead he returned to TNA... as Willow. I don't know, I thought it might be cool but it really wasnt what I thought it could have been. He should have returned to the WWE, and either returned as Williow or Jeff Hardy, either way the WWE would have done it right!

I don't know what is going on with Kurt Angle, but he turned down the Hall Of Fame, then he wanted the Hall Of Fame. He should be a main event Champion, not whatever he is doing in TNA. If he is past his prime and can't do it anymore he should start wrestling part time and take it easy but not become a loser in opening matches or anything like that. He should return to the WWE where he belongs and main event a few more Wrestlemanias before he retires and then he can go into the WWE Hall Of Fame!

Ken Anderson should have been a main event star, but it never really happened. I thought he could out-wrestling most of the top stars in TNA and WWE. But maybe I'm wrong. He seemed to be on the fast track to the top of the WWE, but then he left. He briefly seemed to be in the main event of TNA with Jeff Hardy but then it was over. Then he was just another member of the Aces & Eights. That was boring and dull. Anderson should just return to the WWE as Kennedy or TNA should put him in the main event with either Angle or Hardy. That is really all they have left.

The biggest star in TNA history will always be AJ Styles. The one true star of TNA, and only real star that never came from the WWE. AJ Styles belongs in the WWE. He should be in main event matches with Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy either in TNA or WWE. I've always wanted to see him wrestle Randy Orton, I just think they would have the match of the year. The entire run of CM Punk as WWE Champion I kept thinking the best match for him would be against AJ Styles, in the old days Vince would have went out and signed AJ to bring him in even if just for that match against Punk or another match against Orton. But it seems like the WWE won't sign AJ for some reason, or AJ won't sign with them. I don't get it. He belongs in a Wrestlemania main event!

Instead of doing any of this right, TNA brought in MVP to replace Hulk Hogan running the show. Then they made Eric Young their Champion instead of any of the wrestlers I just menioned. That was so far from what they should be doing its ridiculous. I saw MVP show up as the new boss and that is when I stopped watching TNA. I never even saw EY win the belt, just saw it online. What a joke. Shame on you TNA, you had potential. You could have been the second best wrestling company in the world, maybe even a very close second to the WWE, which would be amazing. Instead it feels like Vince bought you out and is ruining you on purpose. Its too hard to watch. Just cancel your show and close the company before you embarass yourself any worse. Or get your act together. But you lost this life-long wreslting fan.

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