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Who Brock Lesnar Should Wrestle

With Brock Lesnar as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion everyone is wondering who he will face next, and when he will compete since he has a part-time contract and won't be at every PPV this year.

Well I think its obvious that the WWE would want to use Brock Lesnar at the biggest PPVs of the year, so I would expect to see him compete at Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania. So that gives the WWE three title matches and main events.

So the real question is who are the top three wrestlers in the WWE that should get to have those three title matches?

Here is what I think the WWE should do, these are the top three superstars in my opinion and I know it is very unlikely that these will happen but this is what I would like to see...

Survivor Series - Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

This is a match I have wanted to see since Lesnar and Orton were rookies. Unfortunately, Lesnar was on Smackdown and Orton was on Raw back when it was two separeate brands. I thought they were the top prospects on each show. Lesnar went to the top much faster, he was the Undisputed Champion on Smackdown wrestling guys like Kurt Angle and Big Show. Meanwhile Orton was the Intercontinental Champion and a member of Evolution with Triple H. I thought it was only a matter of time until they crossed paths, but that never happened, and since Lesnar's return they still haven't crossed paths.

The WWE could easily make the PPVs inbetween Lesnar's main events number one contender matches, so the PPV before Survivor Series could have a match that Orton wins to become the number one contender. It would be interesting since Orton was Triple H's hand-picked "new face of the WWE" and a memeber of "the Authority" but after he failed Triple H had to bring in Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar to get the job done. So there is so much potential in this storyline. Perhaps Lesnar and Heyman have gone mad with power and even the Authority can no longer control them, so Triple H comes to Orton and asks him to take our Lesnar once and for all... to make it more believable Triple H, Kane, and the entire Authority could be involved to help even the odds and make it believable that Lesnar is going to lose the title.

It sounds like the plan is to keep the title on Lesnar until Wrestlemania and the rumour is that the guy that will defeat him at Wrestlemania is Roman Reigns. I don't agree with that decision if that is what the WWE is planning. I think Reigns is too young and doesn't deserve to be the guy that defeats the greatest champion of all time, the man that ended the Undertaker's streak. But we will have to wait and see. What that means in regards to the PPVs before Wrestlemania is that Lesnar is going to win those matches. I do agree with that plan. I think he should be built as an unstoppable champion until Wrestlemania. And I think the Undertaker should make his return at Wrestlemania to do a run-in to cost Lesnar the title and end his championship streak. That would be a nice moment of redemption for the Undertaker. And it would be a believalbe end to Lesnar's title reign.

In the meantime, Lesnar would have to defeat Orton and the entire Authority at Survivor Series to keep the belt. This would make him look unstoppable. And depending how they wanted to work this, either Orton could get put over as the babyface underdog or Brock Lesnar could be made out to be a babyface now taking on the heel faction known as the Authority. Either way it could be a great turn for one of them. Personally, I think Lesnar should remain the heel because the fans hate him for defeating the Undertaker, and he is actually kind of a babyface now because the fans aren't behind Cena and want to see him defeat Cena again and again. So in this match Lesnar could become more of a hated heel and Orton could milk the crowd for all their sympathy as he is destroyed by the Beast and Triple H and Stephanie blame him for all of it.

Royal Rumble - Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan

Hopefully by this time, Daniel Bryan has returned from his neck injury. He is possibly the most popular and over wrestler of all time. When his music hits and the Yes / No chants start, it is so loud its defining. He has 100% of the crowds support behind him at all times. I just hope when he returns he still has the same momentum he did when he left. I wish they had him making occasional appearances just to keep the crowd reactions going so that the fans don't forget about him.

I think it would be amazing to see Lesnar who by then should be the most hated heel of all time, going one on one with the long awaited return of Daniel Bryan, who could possiple be the most loved babyface of all time. Just imagine the boos Lesnar would get if he attacked the injured neck of Daniel Bryan. Not to mention the Yes-Lock of Daniel Bryan vs the Arm-Breaker hold of Brock Lesnar. I just want to see the clash of styles between Bryan's high-paced speed and Lesnar's bone-crushing power and destruction. It would be a rollercoaster ride and the fans would go crazy for every minute of it.

That match would be so good you must be wondering why I wouldn't save that one for Wrestlemania...

Wrestlemania - Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk

That is because in the Royal Rumble match after that title match, when thirty men compete for the chance to be in the main event of Wrestlemania and challenge Brock Lesnar for that title another wrestler is going to make his long awaited return. When the clock hits zero for the thirtith entrant into the Rumble, the static with sound and CM Punk's entrance music will play! The audience would explode, and it would be pandamonium. Punk would enter the ring, everyone would be on their feet, and one by one Punk would just start eliminating them all. It would be ironic since the reason Punk quit was Triple H decided to bring back Batista and have him win the Rumble last year instead of Punk and then give Batista Punk's spot in the main event of Wrestlemania. So now Punk would return exactly one year later and win the Rumble like he should have done last year. And he would earn his way into the main event of Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar who just defeated and possibly reinjured his best friend Daniel Bryan.

I would have ended the Royal Rumble title match by having Daniel Bryan come so close to pulling off the biggest upset of all time, only to get cheated and screwed out of the title. Lesnar would be forced to take the low road and go after Bryan's injured neck. Once the Beast started attacking his neck Bryan would be finished. In the end Lesnar wouldn't just defeat Bryan, he would make it appear as if he just reinjured his neck putting him out of action again, possibly for good.

So now Punk is not just returning to reclaim his spot. He is returning to avenge his fallen friend. Throw in the fact that Punk was previous a "Heyman Guy" and Paul Heyman is the manager of Brock Lesnar and you have unlimited potential. And again there would be an option of which way they could go with this, Brock Lesnar could have pissed off the Authority so bad when he defeated Randy Orton that they joined forces with Daniel Bryan, bringing him back and finally supporting him because they need him to defeat Lesnar for them. Or you could have Lesnar rejoin the Authority once again, and Bryan playing the role of the outsider that must take on the entire Authority. Personally, I think what would work best would be if the Authority appears to be resigning, or bringing back Bryan because they need him, only to turn on him and help Lesnar defeat him because now Lesnar has rejoined them. Or you could simply have the Authority telling Bryan he is still not cleared to wrestle, and the fans would be begging them to say YES and let Bryan compete at the Rumble, and then they finally say YES and Bryan gets that match!

I think it works out best if the Authority and Lesnar are not on the same page. Triple H finally says YES and lets Bryan return to face Lesnar. But when Lesnar destroys Bryan, reinjures him, and proves that he should not have been brought back for that match Triple H will look like he made a huge mistake. Triple H will be so desparate it would make sense that he would finally turn to the one person no one would ever expect him to join forces with... CM Punk!

That would be why Triple H resigned Punk, as his back up plan incase Bryan failed, that way when Lesnar won the match at the Rumble, Triple H would already have a challenger for him at Wrestlemania. But the question would be can Triple H and Punk work together and be on the same side until Wrestlemania? Or have Punk's return a shock to Triple H who is on the same side as Lesnar and does not want to see Punk regain the title because he might hold it for another four hundred days and Triple H does not want Punk as his champion. For that reason, they would have a great match set up for the Elimination Chamber PPV because Triple H would put every wrestler he can find into the Chamber with Punk to stop him from going to Wrestlemania. Basically it would just be Punk vs five other guys, right after he defeated thirty other guys at the Rumble. This would really put over Punk before Wrestlemania.

Lesnar would be the champion, with Paul Heyman in his corner. He defeated the Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. He is unstoppable. Now he is back on the same side as the Authority once again. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are behind him with all their resources. It's doubtful Randy Orton would be on Lesnar's side after the Survivor Series, but that could be another be shock. Kane would be on Lesnar's side, which would be a great twist with the Undertaker and Lesnar's history, especially at Wrestlemania.

Another great question is Seth Rollins. He holds the Money In The Bank briefcase and could cash it in at any time. But if Lesnar is part of the Authority they wouldn't want their guy cashing it in on their champion. So Rollins could go against the Authority and challenge / try to cash in on Lesnar. Or when Lesnar turns on the Authority and faces Orton, Triple H could have Rollins there at ringside to cash in on Lesnar right after he defeats Orton, only to lose to Lesnar as well. Or there is the option that someone else defeats Rollins to takuse e his briefcase and they use it. Maybe Orton defeated Rollins for the briefcase and used it to get his match at Survivor Series. But the more likely storyline would be that Triple H gave Randy Orton the title shot when Lesnar turned on the Authority. Then when Daniel Bryan returned against Triple H's wishes, since Triple H wouldn't give Bryan a title shot he was forced to challenge Seth Rollins to a match for his briefcase and after Bryan won the match and the briefcase he accounced that he officially challenges Brock Lesnar to a title match at the next PPV the Royal Rumble.

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