Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paige should have won Break-Out Star or Diva of the Year!

Paige should have won Break-Out Star or Diva of the Year! 

Just look at those stats in her rookie year. In the past year she won both NXT Woman's Championship and WWE Divas Championship. First an only superstar to do that. Youngest one in history. And proved she was the best female wrestler in the world. And she's only going to get better! 

Other rookies nominated against her haven't accomplished anything or won anything. Dean Ambrose who won Break-Out Superstar has managed to win the United States Championship. But Seth Rollins won the NXT Championship and shared the WWE Tag Team Championships with Roman Reigns. But that's all Reigns has won, and he went on to win the Slammy for Superstar of the Year. Bray Wyatt hasn't won anything. Technically Rollins also won the Money in the Bank, but has failed to cash it in, and with Brock Lesnar holding the title, he would never get the chance to cash it in since Lesnar is never around. But even if he tried, he could never beat Lesnar. 

As for Diva of the Year, I was hoping AJ would win since she is the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. I think she is the top Diva in the company today. But there is no doubt Paige is at the top with her. So it was between the two of the to see who was the best. The fact that Nicki Bella currently holds their title is a joke. 

It was between Paige and Reigns for Break-Out and between Paige and AJ for Diva, but its a crime Paige didn't win either!

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