Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WWE is throwing away all of its top talent!

The WWE Champion is missing in action. The #1 contender John Cena still hasn't had his title shot. But who cares? The last thing I want to see is yet another John Cena vs Brock Lesar. Especially if John Cena is going to win yet again. 

Meanwhile, Randy Orton is missing. Daniel Bryan still hasn't returned to the ring. And CM Punk is in the UFC. Rob Van Dam returned but they haven't bothered to use him or give him any titles. They should all be in the main event as champions. I would watch that! 

Just imagine, the main event at Wrestlemania, Randy Orton as WWE Champion defending his title in a fatal-fourway vs Rob Van Dam, Daniel Bryan, and the winner of this year's Royal Rumble... CM Punk! 

Instead, Brock Lesnar is going to drop the belt at Wrestlemania against Roman Reigns, I'm sure that will be after Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble. I think that will be disappointing. 

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