Sunday, May 8, 2011

Undertaker is Retired

Regarding The Undertaker's wrestling status, the mentality of WWE personnel is that he's considered retired. This explains Michelle McCool leaving to spend more time with him at home.

The Undertaker is in far worse physical shape than is being let on. While company officials aren't ruling The Deadman out for a match at Wrestlemania XXVIII, he is not expected to compete before then. People close to the legend have talked to him about retiring at the event.


  1. my first post to reach 1,000 views!!!

  2. After he beat Triple H 2times in row.. i really think he retired.. but he has in wwe for a long time.. he or the wwe should have announced his retirement.. they have done for all other wrestlers including Ric why not him.. i loved the way he wrestled.. All of my Wrestling Favorites retired. everything has to come to an end..

  3. ofcourse he retired he has done what no other man will ever do 20 time wrestle mnia undefeated streak he has nothing left to do if he comes back it would be stupid he will probably tell the world he is retiring at the hall of fame ceremony

  4. undertaker you are the best and enjoy retirement.


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