Monday, August 8, 2011

Secret Affair: Sunny & Shawn

Sunny had a nine month relationship with Shawn Michaels. In 1997, Michaels accused Sunny and Bret Hart of having an affair, which Hart denied. The accusation began causing marital problems for Hart, which led to a backstage confrontation with Michaels. Sunny was friends with Hart and would entertain his children whenever they followed him on tour. In addition, she walked out of Raw the night after the Montreal Screw-job, the incident in which WWF owner Vince McMahon cost Hart the WWF Championship.

Basically, as far as I can tell, the story goes like this...

Sunny came to the WWE while she was dating Chris Candito. However, she quickly began having an affair with Shawn Michaels. But it didn't stop there. Sunny also had an affair with Bret Hart, which Shawn found out about and supposedly told Bret's wife about and it caused his marriage to eventually end. It was this affair that caused Shawn and Bret to turn from friends to bitter enemies!

Apparently the reason this was such a big deal was because to Shawn, Sunny wasn't just another one of the girls. Shawn wanted to marry her. He built her a house in Texas and she helped him design it with the plans that they would move into it together. After the affair with Bret (and supposedly being caught in the shower with the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith), Shawn still proposed to her and asked her to move into the house with him, but Sunny changed her mind and said no deciding to stay with her boyfriend Chris Candito (what a mistake lol). 

Shawn was furious, him and Bret were bitter enemies, and neither of them had Sunny anymore. Or did they? When the Montreal Screw-Job happened and Shawn took the title from Bret and Bret left the WWE, Sunny quit and walked out with Bret! So how did she really choose over Shawn?

Shawn & Sunny meet again backstage when she made her return for one night only on the special Raw anniversary show.
Bret Hart ran into Sunny years later at an autograph signing, apparently he had to have security remove her from the building.
Does anyone else find it odd that when the WWE inducted Shawn into the Hall Of Fame he wanted them to induct Sunny in with him, and they were together yet again?
Shawn Michaels with his wife at the Hall Of Fame ceremony... his wife was a Nitro Girl (stripper) when he met her, knocked her up, and married her.
Now they are born again Christians.


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  2. I guess it makes sense as to why Bret and Shawn hated eachother

  3. Shawn and Rebbecca were married before she was pregnant. And she was never a stripper as in got naked for money.

  4. Nitro girls doesn't mean stripper how dare you.


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