Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview With Kevin Nash

The current state of the wrestling business and what he thinks should be done:
It's hard to watch. I tivo it most of the time. I think Kelly Kelly should have her own 2 hour show called slow motion kelly. I think that would do better ratings than anything else on TV.

Eric Bischoff:
I think he is the only man that can honestly look himself in the mirror and say he beat Vince McMahon for two years. That speaks volumnes. I think Eric is very bright very talented and very resourceful

Jeff Jarrett:
Been my friend for years. If there was ever was an open seat in the kliq, Jeff was the alternate. the DH. Love him, good dude. Loves the business, enjoyes the business. Have alot of respect for him.

Kurt Angle:
Warrior. Should no longer be in the ring he is so beat up but continues to do moonsaults of cages. After you get hurt in the business you want to stop because you are afraid of getting hurt again. He gets hurt and he just doesnt care. He is like Drago. He is absolutely programmed to be a pro wrestler. He will probably die in the ring.

Great guy. Turned his life around. He's legit. One of the reasons why i really hung around TNA was because i really enjoyed being around Steve. We have been friends for over 20 years. He took me under his wing when i was brought in under that horrible Oz thing (In WCW).

I just don't think you can compete...If i were to take the terminology and remove it from pro wrestling and put it into porno; You're gonna want to watch Brianna Banks in a caribean setting more than you are going to want to watch Brianna banks at the Ramada Inn. TNA is filmed in the Ramada Inn. Its just as simple as that. There is no beauty shot. When you watch the two you know which one is the show and which one is it. Being in a studio hurts. I do think sometimes TNA is kind of entertaining and sometimes its not. I kind of like the Sting thing personally. Looks like Steve is having fun. We're the same age and so if he is having fun then GOD bless him.

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