Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Triple H Ruined CM Punk

This past summer was pretty interesting for the WWE fans. CM Punk shocked the world and announced he was leaving the WWE when his contract ended. He also announced in his last match he would defeat John Cena to win the WWE Championship... which he did. Vince McMahon tried to suspend Punk before the match, then swore if Punk beat Cena that he would fire Cena... which he did. However, Triple H came out and fired Vince and re-hired John Cena. This was incredible!

CM Punk had that interview when he first broke character and spilled all the dirt on the WWE when his microphone was first cut off. This shocked the world, and nothing in the WWE has ever been the same since. It brought an end to Vince McMahon running the WWE and John Cena's reign as WWE Champion. Unfortunately, that was all extremely short lived and ruined. Triple H replaced Vince McMahon, and was just as bad if not worse. John Cena won the WWE Championship back from Rey Mysterio to become the greatest WWE Champion in history (winning the title more times than any other wrestler in history). So all returned to the misery that it was before, but CM Punk still insisted that he would change the world of professional wrestling, that he would defeat John Cena again, title vs title at SummerSlam, and continue his quest for change in the WWE!

Well SummerSlam came and went, and guess what... CM Punk is not the WWE Champion. Triple H is still running the WWE just like Vince McMahon always did, maybe even worse (in my opinion, even worse). Sadly, SummerSlam was so bad that not only was CM Punk not the WWE Champion afterwards, but neither was John Cena... it was Alberto Del Rio lol. What a joke! 

Well, Triple H continued running the WWE the same way, and in that manner John Cena was booked to face Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship at Night Of Champions. So Triple H managed to step in to run the WWE in Vince McMahon's same old way, and managed to get CM Punk out of the title picture and put John Cena back into the position as the only real champion in the WWE. 

That is where the latest PPV Night Of Champions comes in... John Cena easily and poorly I might add, defeated Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE Championship yet again. Woo Hoo, Blah Blah! Meanwhile CM Punk was in the real main event against Triple H. If CM Punk won Triple H would no longer be the COO of the WWE. Well of course with 101 people interfering, and a storyline with 101 twists and turns that no fan could possibly figure out, the match somehow ended with Triple H winning, pinning CM Punk and getting all the cheers from the crowd. 

WTF, how did this happen??

Interference from R-Truth, The Miz, John Laurinaitis, and of course Kevin Nash. The end result, CM Punk pinned after a Pedigree. The crowd chanting Triple H, and me left wondering how Triple H managed to kill CM Punks incredible following and ruin the best storyline in the past decade... if not ever!

So bottom line... Triple H is still the COO running the WWE. John Cena is currently the WWE Champion for a record setting number of times. No one knows whats going on, who Kevin Nash is working for, and CM Punk is back to square one. 

Its impressive that just a couple months ago this was the most exciting thing I had ever seen in wrestling, and now between SummerSlam and Night Of Champions, the two PPVs Triple H ran, everything has fallen apart and been ruined as far as I am concerned. 

Good Job Triple H!

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