Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jay Lethal Says Hogan Wanted Randy Savage In TNA

Jay Lethal
“Hogan came in and a couple of months from Hogan being there, he actually said he was talking with the Macho Man and working it with him to come in. Hogan actually sat me down and explained the whole thing he wanted to do too. He wanted to film vignettes of me going to Hogan, me getting Hogan pissed off, and Hogan yelling at me. Then the next time you see me, I’m at a bar and I’m talking to somebody and you can’t really see him because they’re in the shadows. But they have that Savage hat on. Eventually you hear Savage say that we’re getting Hogan right where we want him. We’re getting under his skin. We got him, got him, got him. So it was going to be one of those things where I’m trying to get under Hogan’s skin because that’s what Savage has me doing. Then Savage comes in and it was going to be a big attack on Hogan. That was the original plan from what I was told. I don’t know if that was ever really going to happen, but that’s what Hogan told me personally.”

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