Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TNA: No Surrender Review

Bound For Glory Main Event
Well in my opinion this PPV was a letdown. They built up the Bound for Glory Series for months just to have it come down to Beer Money, Bully Ray, and Gunner? The finals were between Bobby Roode and Bully Ray with the winner getting a main event title shot at Bound For Glory. That winner was Bobby Roode. While I think Beer Money is one of the greatest tag teams of all time, I don't think either of them have ever had a successful solo career, and neither have earned a main event title shot. So I can't see Roode winning the title.

The triple threat main event at No Surrender was between the TNA Champion Kurt Angle, and the former Champion Sting... and also Mr. Anderson. The match wasn't bad but it seemed like they didn't know what they were doing and who was supposed to be where. They were all over the place. Kurt carried the whole match. He hit the Triple-German-Suplex on Anderson and on Sting. At one point he even did a double German Suplex on both of them at the same time. That was impressive. Kurt hit the Angle Slam on each of them. He even had Sting in the Ankle Lock. Nothing worked though and it seemed like Sting had the pin on Anderson until Kurt pulled Sting out of the ring and Hulk Hogan was in the crowd and sprayed what we can assume was Mase into Sting's eyes, blinding him. Sting almost hit the Scorpion-Death-Drop on the referee by mistake before Kurt finished him off and got the win to retain the title.

The match was decent but the ending was too stupid and Mr. Anderson seemed to be a waste. A better ending or a better outcome could have saved the show in my opinion.

Angle Wins!
The only other highlight of the PPV in my opinion was Austin Aries vs Brian Kendrick for the X-Division Title. Austin Aries stole the show. All I can say is "who is this guy and where did he come from?" Since debuting in TNA Aries has been single-handedly carrying the X-Division and I think its about time he got to hold the title. At one point he did a sideways spin over the top rope trying to hit Kendrick but missed and did a face-plant onto the arean floor. That was a pretty epic fall. He hit a DDT with Kendrick's feet on the top rope, and he won with a Twirling-Brainbuster! Very impressive!

With that being said, those two matches should stand, but the rest of the show leaves me wondering where the real stars of TNA were and why they weren't on the PPV! Instead of guys like Gunner, or Devon they could have used real stars like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Rob Van Dam, and the guy who just returned to Impact last week... Jeff Hardy!!!

TNA finally started making something of the X-Division, but while doing so, they ruined the Tag-Team Division, wasted the Television Title, and have let major superstars fall through the cracks. I think they have enough Championships and talent to have a major PPV where every match its a Championship match with major stars like the ones I just mentioned. But instead they run a whole PPV based around two matches with only a couple of notable stars.

At one point Beer Money was feuding with The Motor City Machine Guns for the Tag-Team Championships... guys like AJ Styles were actually defending the Television Championship as if it were a real credible Championship (instead of a clown like Eric Young fighting Scott Baio on a golf course!)... they had the stars from ECW having Hardcore matches... and they weren't wasting their time over-pushing young guys like Crimsion and Gunner, and over using Mid-Card Talent like Bully Ray and Bobby Roode!

My advice for TNA, make all your Championships matter, and use all you real stars at once!

I want to see:
AJ Styles vs Rob Van Dam...
Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson...
that should have been the finals of the Bound For Glory Series...
and the finals could have been:
Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy!


  1. RVD vs Hardy? No offense, but I've already seen those guys as World Champion several times over. I'm fine with Roode winning the Bound For Glory series. He's TNA's version of a young Triple H. His solo push is long overdue. Also, while James Storm has not really had a solo career... Roode was a solo wrestler before Beer Money. He has a lot of potential, and how can you say he hasn't earned a title shot when he WON the Bound For Glory Series?

  2. what I meant by not earning it yet, or not being ready is that if he wants to establish himself as a solo wrestler he needs to start at the bottom. so does bully ray. being a tag team star doesnt put u in the main event. has Roode won the X-Divisioin, or Television Title? has he beat anyone good, like RVD, Hardy, Anderson, Angle, Sting, Styles, etc. TNA just needs to learn how to build up new talent, like the WWE does. Crimsion, Gunner, Roode, these guys could be good, but I dont think just putting them in mainevents too soon like they did with Morgan (against Hardy) is the way to do it. he failed and then he dropped way back down and now he is trying still to get his spot back. i would push the guys i named to the main event and let everyone else work in the mid card like they should make that television title mean something cus they need a real second title for those mid card guys!


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