Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Night Of Champions

World Champion Randy Orton
WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio
The Tag-Team Championship match was pretty decent, I actually thought The Miz and R-Truth should have won the belts, I thought they deserved it for such a good match.

The Intercontinental Championship match was pathetic. Who cares about Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase? Besides Ted should have won by hitting Cody with his own mask, that would have been good. Cody should lose the mask, its lame. His face was never smashed, they didn't even use blood when he supposedly broke his pretty face. Now he wears a mask to cover his hideous face, yet the mask is clear and we can all see he still looks exactly the same. Its just weird and stupid. Have him go back to "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, and have Ted change his lame song back to his "Priceless" song, I liked that one better. And OMG bring back the Million Dollar Championship, that belt was so cool!

The United States Championship match was really good. Fatal Four Way: Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger, John Morrision, and Alex Riley. I think Riley isn't ready for a championship run, but I think Swagger and Morrison are both long overdue for a championship, and as far as I can remember neither has held the United States Championship ever. It would make sense for the "All American American" Jack Swagger to be the United States Champion, and have him fight Dolph Ziggler one on one because they are already feuding over Vickie. Plus would it not be a cool twist if during this feud they also won the Tag-Team Championships? WWE has admitted they need new tag-teams, I saw Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (managed by Vickie) and I say reunited John Morrison & The Miz (since Melina was fired, they could be managed by The Miz's girlfriend Maryse who has been missing since her surgery). 

The Divas Championship match was horrible. Beth Phoenix was in her hometown of Buffalo, the crowd was going nuts cheering for her to win, and she was fighting Kelly Kelly who is half her size and can't wrestle, and yet the WWE has Kelly Kelly pin Beth for the second PPV in a row and embarrassed her in her hometown. That was just wrong in my opinion.

Randy Orton was destroyed by Mark Henry. I think it was nice of Randy to give Henry a chance after all these years to be the World Champion. Just like he did with Christian. I get the feeling a few wrestlers are on the way out the door, their careers are coming to an end, and this is the WWE's way of paying them back for all their  hard work. Christian wrestled for 17 years and finally won the title now. Mark Henry wrestled for 15 years I believe he said and now he finally won the title. Meanwhile, Undertaker, Kan, and the Big Show have been out of action and I think getting ready to retire. I assume Mark Henry and Christian wont be far behind. I think its nice that they are being allowed to go out on top with one last run as champions. 

Question: Who has never won the title and is near the end of their career and deserves to win it before they go?

To recap my previous post... John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE Championship, and Triple H defeated CM Punk to retain control of the WWE.

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  1. Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater in a dark match prior to Night Of Champions going on the air.

    Mark Henry pinned Randy Orton clean to win his first World heavyweight championship. Henry wrestled his first match for WWE way back in 1996.

    John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio tonight to win his 10th WWE championship, and 12th world title.


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