Saturday, October 22, 2011

CM Punk is this generations Stone Cold Steve Austin

I think CM Punk is this generations Stone Cold Steve Austin. Unfortunately, the WWE is making him the watered-down version of what should be the most exciting wrestler in the business today. He walked out after winning the WWE Championship. He said everything we were all thinking, about who John Cena is the boring over-used no talent bum we all know he is, and how Triple H got the job because he married the boss' daughter and how he is basically Mr. Stephanie McMahon lol. However, since he was given the big new contract with the first class flights and the private tour bus he seems to have fallen back into his old role as the mid-card guy who is just happy to be part of the show, not in the main event and not winning the title.

The rumour is after Cena finishes with Del Rio that CM Punk will take over that feud. Well I think that is still a joke. I thought it was a brilliant idea to have Triple H become the new Vince McMahon because he is too old to be a main event wrestler but he is still healthy enough to compete occasionally and take the abuse from Punk just like Vince did with Austin back in the 90s. Its too bad they swept  him under the rug instead of having him push it further. CM Punk should be crashing the show, shaking things up, when his music hits it should be like the glass shattering for Austin followed by the chaos and unpredictability that drove the fans crazy back in the attitude era!

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