Sunday, October 16, 2011

Largest Battle Royal In History

The night started with major news. With new Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis at his side, Teddy Long announced the first match of the night would feature 41 Superstars in the largest Battle Royal in WWE history. Laurinaitis then revealed the winner would earn a title match against the champion of his choosing.

Largest Battle Royal In History
During the mayhem, powerhouses like Mason Ryan and Sheamus eliminated multiple Superstars. With bodies flying, a Brogue Kick from The Celtic Warrior sent The Miz careening from the ring. But since Miz didn’t go over the top rope, he was still in contention. In contrast, even though Christian was eliminated, in a devious move, he reentered the ring and took Sheamus out of the hunt.

As the field thinned down to the final two combatants, Miz found himself battling Randy Orton tooth-and-nail for the championship opportunity. With both Superstars tangling with each other on the ring apron, The Viper downed Miz with an RKO. In a wild finish, the momentum from the RKO carried both Superstars to the arena floor. But since Miz’s feet hit just before Orton’s, the victory went to The Viper.

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