Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vengeance... I Already Predict It WIll Suck!

Henry vs Big Show
The World's Strongest Man and The World's Largest Athlete collide in a massive melee for the World Heavyweight Title at Vengeance. Which monster will prevail?

Honestly, Who Gives A Shit About Mark Henry As World Champion?
And Big Show? There Last Match Sucked!

Del Rio vs Cena
Alberto Del Rio will defend the WWE Championship against John Cena at Vengeance Oct. 23, live on pay-per-view! Will The Mexican Superstar finally defeat Cena, one-on-one?

Just WOW, Epic Fail By The WWE!
I Know They Want Del Rio To Be Champion In Mexico City Shows...
But Why Does Cena Automatically Get Every Title Shot Without Having To Earn Them?
Who Did Cena Defeat To Earn Another Title Shot? Why Not CM Punk???

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