Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Idea: WWE Championship Belts

WWE Championship
I think the WWE Championships have become boring and dull. Everyone has won just about every title and they have been the same titles for far too long. It was exciting for a while when WWE and WCW merged and all the titles were shared. Then ECW was thrown into the mix and along came their titles. But the WWE was quick to get rid of all other titles, keeping mostly just their own. Then they decided to split the brand in half, Raw vs Smackdown... with the WWE Championship and Intercontinental Championship on one show and the WCW Championship (now known as The World Championship) and the United States Championship on the other.

Well I think its time for a change. And for many reasons. There have been lots of rumours lately of Zack Ryder's Internet Championship becoming a real championship, and I think that is a great idea. Also, Cody Rhodes just threw away the current Intercontinental Championship to bring back a poor version of the original "Old School" Intercontinental Championship. Not a bad idea. But here is where my ideas come in...

Step One
Get rid of the current secondary championships. Have the WWE Champion (who would be John Cena in my plan) take on who ever is the Intercontinental Champion (it really doesn't matter who it is). They go title for title and of course John Cena wins, and now holds both titles. Likewise, the World Champion (who would be Randy Orton in my plan) takes on the United States Champion (again it really doesn't matter who it is). They also go title for title, and of course Randy Orton would win and now hold both titles. This would be the last those secondary titles would be seen. I chose Cena and Orton because Cena has never held the Intercontinental Championship and Orton because he has never held the United States Championship. Both would hold those titles for years, this way they become the longest reigning champion of each belt... replacing such stupid record holders as The Honky Tonk Man (who is currently considered the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, only because Vince McMahon couldn't think of a better idea lol). If they have to defend the titles to make this legit then so be it, but I think its a waste of time. 

Step Two
European Championship
We need new championships. However, I don't think we need to create new ones because there have been so many titles over the years with history and I think the current wrestlers would love to win those old titles. The first one that comes to mind is the European Championship. This was never a real title, but rather a special award given to The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith. However, he eventually was defeated by Shawn Michaels and then he passed it on to Triple H and it became a legit championship. Well I say bring it back because there are currently a handful of European superstars in the WWE that I am sure would love to hold that title. Not to mention all the European tours the WWE does each year. They could defend the title in England, Scotland, Ireland, etc, and have superstars like Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Drew Mcintyre, William Regal, Finlay, maybe even Hornswoggle lol win the championship, preferably in their home countries!

Step Three 
WCW Television Championship
The WCW equivalent of the European Championship was their Television Championship. I think that title was never very important, however, TNA currently has a Television Championship (also a joke lol) and ECW had a Television Championship (which Rob Van Dam held for over 2 years). So it has some meaning. However, this is where those new ideas come into affect. I would have a battle royal to crown the new WWE Television Champion. Then I would have Zack Ryder come out on Raw with his official Internet Championship and challenge the winner to a title for title match (Television vs Internet) with the idea that the winner would hold both belts, but that the winners belt would become the official title. Zack Ryder would win and the WWE would be the first wrestling company to move away from the old Television Championship idea and onto the new idea of an Internet Champion. This is a huge idea because the Television Championship idea was a big deal when wrestling first moved onto Television, but nowadays wrestling is more on the internet than it is on television!

Zack Ryder Internet Champion
Step Four
Bring back the Cruiserweight Championship! With so many lightweights in the WWE today it seems crazy that they wouldn't bring it back. It was hugely popular. It gives the smaller high flying guys a chance to hold a singles title. And there are so many deserving wrestlers today. Personally I would start by bringing back both the Cruiserweight and Light-Heavy Weight Championship belts. I would have a Sin Cara win each, then have them go title for title and have the real Sin Cara win and hold both titles and retire the Light-Heavy Weight Championship and carry only the Cruiserweight Championship!

Step Five
There are other options still. I would bring back the Million Dollar Championship as I have stated in older posts and have Cody Rhodes feud with Ted DiBiase. There is the Woman's Championship. There is the Hardcore Championship. The ECW Championship. I would have CM Punk go down in history as the last ever ECW Champion. So I would bring the title back. Ezekiel Jackson was the last to hold it. Have CM Punk challenge him. Have him also win the Hardcore Championship. Then retire both belts.

I have given all of my ideas. Please comment and let me know what you think!

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