Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Idea: WWE Old School

I think the wrestling fans would love to see some retro 80s original style WWF wrestling shows! I don't just mean a one night Raw episode. I mean all year long, every TV show and PPV. I think the WWE should do a few retro Raw shows using various old Raw sets, possibly starting with the original (the big 3 letter RAW sign that the wrestlers walked out from behind). The stages with the ramps, right up to the current stage. I think they should do a retro Smackdown show with the old "Fist" stage. The red ropes on Raw, the blue ropes on Smackdown. More importantly the red, white and blue ropes!

I think they should do the "In Your House" PPV style with the house set and the old PPV style PPVs. They should bring back all the retro PPVs they no longer use. Most of all the one I miss the most is the King of the Ring PPV! Instead of all the novelty PPVs like Hell In A Cell, Money In The Bank, Extreme Rules, why not use some of the old names, Vengeance, No Mercy, Bad Blood, etc. I think the big four, Summer Slam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania should use the original logos and colours form the original first year they were held. I think they should have actual Survivor Series style matches at Survivor Series. I think they should have an actual King of the Ring tournament. There could be a Raw winner and a Smackdown winner. They could meet each other in the final match. I liked the idea that the winner of the King of the Ring got to face the champion on Summer Slam (only done with Brock Lesner). They did it once and it was a great idea, but they never did it again, why?

I also think they should try doing something they haven't done since Wrestlemania 2, actually that was the only time in history it was ever done... a simal-cast from different venues. They had Wrestlemania 2 held in three different cities. Each hour came from a different city. I think they should do that again for Wrestlemania 30! Instead of the obvious Madison Square Garden they use every 10 years, why not triple the audience and excitement and do three cities at once... hell why not three different countries? 

Side-note: Why has Wrestlemania never been held outside of North America???

I think they should go back to the "Old School" WWE Championship Belt. I don't mean the Unified Championship that Brock Lesner held, I hated that lame belt. I mean the "Attitude Era" Championship Belt that Triple H, The Rock, Mankind, and Stone Cold Steve Austin held! Hell, I think they should go back to the WWF Championship Belt. Not the original belt, not the one from Vince Sr. not the one Hulk Hogan first won, but the one he created. The belt that was given out at Wrestlemania 4 to the Macho Man Randy Savage and put on Miss Elizabeth's shoulder! I personally think that was the greatest championship belt ever created! What wrestler today would not want to hold the same championship belt that was once held by Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Micheals, and Stone Cold Steve Austin! 

Finally, can't they go back to using the WWF letters, the name World Wrestling Federation? I know they lost the big lawsuit to the World Wildlife Federation. But then the WWE had that "Old School" night and they actually used the WWF logo and the old intros and footage for the first and only time since the lawsuit. I was confused, since they lost the rights to that logo and name the had to change the company name and blur out all of the logos on old footage. Well then they turned around and used it all one night out of the blue. If they some how have regained the rights to that name or logo why not go with it full time?? Do they not want to admit defeat and think that the new name failed? It didn't fail, but the fans miss the old name and logo! I say bring it back!!!

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