Friday, November 11, 2011

Maryse To Pose For Playboy?

As we noted last Friday here on the website, WWE decided to release Maryse. This came as a surprise to many people backstage as well as online fans.

WWE sources still indicate that the decision for the two sides to part ways was mutual to some degree. Maryse had recently been looking beyond WWE as she was talking with several modeling companies and was even thinking about posing for Playboy. Obviously, that would not go over well with WWE's new "PG" environment and WWE officials made the call to cut ties with her. 

WWE doesn't have any issues with her going to TNA so there wasn't much debating on whether to release her or not.

It should be noted that there were plans in place to begin a storyline with her and Hornswoggle where Horny would have a crush on her. That was before she suffered an abdominal hernia injury and underwent surgery. Maryse had just been cleared to return and was telling friends she was about to return to TV.

For those wondering, she is still dating The Miz. The two currently reside in Southern California.

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