Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Morrison Is Leaving The WWE Because Of Cena

It sounds like the real problem with John Morrison and the WWE might actually be a problem between John Morrison and John Cena. It never really occurred to me, but this would make sense. Cena is the top guy in the WWE and who ever he wants to fight gets put in the main event with him (case in point, Cena's buddy The Miz got the main event with Cena at Wrestlemania last year even though he is far from the second best guy in the company). They tried to include Morrison in this storyline since he was a tag team partner of The Miz at one point, but he was quickly dropped from the main event, and put into a new storyline with R-Truth about how R-Truth smokes. It was lame. Then the neck injury. Then the loosing streak. Now his contract is up and he is not re-signing with the WWE. I wounder why. Clearly Morrison deserves to be in one of the top spots, but he keeps getting overlooked for Cena's choices. Who really runs this company???

John Cena continues to put over Zack Ryder this weekend on Twitter. Here is one of his comments: "Follow @ZackRyder No disrespect to Morrison but @ZackRyder deserves that match at MSG."

John Morrison replied and said he agreed, proposing a Triple Threat between he, Ryder and Dolph Ziggler. Right after that, Morrison made the following comments: "You should know better than anyone, sometimes deserve's got nothing to do with it." Then, "No disrespect Cena, but if you really think Zack deserves a match at MSG all you need to do is text your buddy @WWERAWGM and he will get one"

Clearly there is some heat between Morrison and Cena, and I would guess that is why Morrison is leaving the WWE. However, it was announced that Morrison was in talks with another company for an independent show after his contract expired, but then the deal fell through. I would guess that means either he wanted more money, or he signed with a bigger company, either re-signing with WWE or finally signing with TNA like everyone is expecting him to do!

Who Would Win?

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