Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sin Cara Injured 6-9 Months

The official Twitter feed of the WWE Insider stated this evening that Sin Cara suffered a ruptured patella tendon and will be sidelined for six to nine months, following surgery. The masked grappler suffered the injury while performing a dive outside the ring during the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match. He was left unable to compete and therefore eliminated.

Seeing as how he failed a drug test and is now injured for 6-9 months perhaps the WWE should have kept Hunico as the other Sin Cara but not told the fans there were two Sin Caras. That way when the real Sin Cara keeps missing shows the other one could have filled in. Or perhaps the chose the wrong one to win the mask vs mask match and Hunico should have won and become the one and only Sin Cara!


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  1. Love that Hunico had the sense to kick Sin Cara


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