Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Most Under-Rated Wrestler Of All Time!

Under-Rated Definition: "Something or someone that deserves much more respect than people will allow."

There is a wrestler that was trained in the infamous Hart Dungeon. The same place that produced wrestlers such as Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Superstar Billy Graham, Edge, Christian, Chris Benoit, The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid) and his friend and classmate in the Dungeon, Chris Jericho. 

Lance & Jericho
After graduating together from the Dungeon the two formed a Tag-Team. Together with Chris Jericho they made an amazing Tag-Team, known as the Thrillseekers, and that in my opinion could have been one of the best of all time. It was a perfect match because while this wrestler had all the technical ability, Jericho had the high-flying moves and the charisma. However, that Tag-Team was short lived and disbanded after Jericho was injured.

It was with a different Tag-Team partner named Justin Credible that this wrestler eventually made an impact in ECW at the high point of its popularity. This time his Tag-Team partner Justin Credible had the hardcore edge needed in ECW while he provided the most wrestling talent of any wrestler in the company. They were also accompanied by the hottest diva to ever step foot into ECW, and who would eventually go on to be one of the hottest divas in the WWE, her name was Dawn Marie! Together, the three of them were known as The Impact Players! 

The team eventually split up when this wrestler and this team became too big for ECW. Justin Credible went on to became ECW Champion, while Dawn Marie went on to became a WWE Diva.
Lance Storm In ECW Wearing A WCW Chris Jericho Shirt
Meanwhile this wrestler moved on to WCW where he won the United States Championship, and since he was from Calgary Alberta Canada, he decided to rename the title the Canadian Heavyweight Championship. This was one of my favourite wrestler memories of all time. He then went on to win the Cruiserweight Championship and rename it the 100 kg and Under Championship. Then he won the Hardcore Championship and again renamed it the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title (SHIT). He gave those titles away to other Canadian wrestlers in his group and turned his attention tot he WCW World Championship, which he unfortunately never won before WCW was sold to Vince McMahon. 

While Bret Hart is the greatest Canadian wrestler of all time, Lance Storm will always be the greatest Canadian Champion in my opinion for creating not one but three Canadian Championships!
I'm not sure why, but once in WWE he was wasted. Never used to his full potential. Everything about him and his character was changed constantly, and was made worse every time. He never went on to achieve anything in the WWE and with his track record I can't help but think that was the WWE's fault and not his. 

Chris Jericho and Lance Storm reunited in the WWE
After leaving the WWE he worked the independent circuit and starting his own wrestling school. He trains new wrestlers, has a wife and two daughters and runs his own website and Facebook where he interacts with fans and promotes his own shows. I can't help but wounder how big of a star he could have been if he was given a chance in WWE, or if WCW didn't go out of business. He only left ECW because they were going bankrupt. Before he left ECW he was actually in charge of the booking and booked all of the matches. So he was just as talented at running the business behind the scenes as he was at wrestling inside the ring. He was the total package, and he was trained by the best and he started out in a team with one of the best ever (Chris Jericho). I think he should still be wrestling today, either in TNA or WWE. And I think he should reunite with his original partner Chris Jericho. I also think its interesting and worth noting that he has never taken part in any of the lame / failed ECW revival attempts in both WWE and TNA. 

The Most Under-Rated Wrestler Of All Time!
He exploded onto the wrestling scene and as soon as he was screwed by the WWE he quietly walked away and has never been seen again. I think its a shame, and that is why I have officially declared Lance Storm as the most under-rated wrestler of all time!

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