Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TNA Turning Point 2011

Worst PPV of the year!

Robbie E wins the Television Championship, which isn't even a real championship anymore and hasn't been every since Eric Young won the belt months ago!

Tag-Team Championship... Mexican America defeats Ink Inc. This is a lame storyline and a lame match. But I wish Ink Inc. would just win the titles already so they can get onto the next storyline and have a new Tag-Team take over already... remember when TNA had Tag-Teams like Bear Money and the Motor City Machine Guns??

X Division Championship... Austin Aries and Kid Kash vs that new football kid. They both beat up the kid all through the match, then Aries stole the win by pinning Kash. Actually I should say Kash beat up the kid the whole match while Aries did nothing. Strange and bad match. 

Rob Van Dam vs Christopher Daniels... why is RVD even wasting his time on this guy? Of course RVD won and the match was short and disappointing.

Matt Morgan vs Crimsion... I was actually excited about this match. I thought Morgan would finally end the undefeated streak of Crimsion. He didn't. The match was ended when the referee rang the bell because they wouldn't stop punching each other. Seems odd doesn't it?

Mr. Anderson & Abyss vs Scott Steiner & Bully Ray... Steiner hit the top rope Frankensteiner on Anderson, but then Abyss hit the Black-Hole-Slam on Steiner for the win. After the match, Ray and Steiner put Abyss through a table, but he just got up like nothing happened and they ran away scared.

Velvet Sky worked for years to finally win the Knockouts Championship and she looses it on the very next PPV to Gail Kim who returned 2 weeks ago. She returned, the next week she won the Tag-Team Knockout Championships and on her first PPV back she wins the Knockout Championship! Great for Gail Kim but I can't help but feel sorry for Velvet Sky getting screwed... lol. 

Jeff Hardy's return match against Jeff Jarrett... wow Jarrett really did a good job of putting over the returning Hardy. Lets just say Jarrett didn't just lose once, or twice, but three times! As soon as Jeff Hardy took of his new mask, that's right mask, he jumped in the ring and hit Jarrett with a Twist-Of-Fate and a three-count. Jarrett freaked out and wanted another try. Hardy gave him one. This was the real match. Hardy would win that one too. After the match, Jarrett chased Hardy up the ramp with a chair and hit him in the back of the head (similar to what Hardy did to Anderson when he gave him the concussion) and then Jarrett threw Hardy back in the ring and made the referee count to three. Only Hardy rolled him over and scored a third three-count. Impressive. After the match, everyone, including AJ Styles was waiting backstage to congratulate Hardy!

TNA Championship Match... Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles. Not a good match. Big disappointment. Roode got his ass kicked but rolled AJ Styles up and held the tights for a three-count. I think this just proves what I've been saying all along, Roode and Storm are not main event wrestlers. They were a great Tag-Team but as soon as rumours went out that Triple H wanted to bring them to the WWE suddenly TNA threw them into the main event and look what happened, the worst PPV ever!

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