Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poll Closed: Jeff Hardy TNA Champion

Well the poll is closed and 83% of you think that Jeff Hardy will be TNA Champion once again. I think that would be a great comeback for Hardy. Personally I liked his Heel character in TNA. I thought he was a great bad-guy. But now with his comeback its only natural for him to change back to a baby-face because the fans are all so excited to have him back. And it was great the way Jeff Jarrett put him over in his first match back by letting him win 3 separate times!

I think Hardy has made his return, he has a cool new entrance, a slightly new look growing his hair back long, and the fans are welcoming him back. It took a while but the rest of the wrestlers backstage, particularly AJ Styles, eventually welcomed him back as well. Its really just his former group "Immortal" that are against him. So I think his comeback is going very well, thought I would get rid of that stupid mask he wore to the ring in his first match lol.

I think a good start for him would be to beat Austin Aries for the X-Division Championship. Then he could move up and take on Robbie E for the Television Championship. He should milk this comeback for as long as he can, because once he wins the TNA Championship again his comeback is complete, but as long as he is working towards that the fans will be behind him all the way. He could form a Tag-Team and win the Tag-Team Championships. I doubt his brother Matt will be back anytime soon, but I would suggest either Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, or AJ Styles! After all of that he could finally be in a position to win the TNA Championship, and I would do it at the exact same PPV that he lost the title to Sting. One year later, same PPV, would be great if the Champion he was fighting was Sting, and he could come full circle. But that's just my idea. 

 Jeff Hardy's Mask

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