Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poll Closed: Zack Ryder United States Champion

The poll is closed, and you all voted that YES Zack Ryder will win the United States Championship. Well the GM ignored his Twitter petition and did not give him a title shot at Survivor Series. Instead he gave that shot to John Morrison who of course failed and did not win the title. Morrison has been on a huge losing streak. It seems to be common knowledge that his contract expires at the end of the month and he is leaving the WWE. So when they gave Morrison the title shot I thought maybe they were going to try to get him to stay by giving him a championship finally, or maybe this was just his farewell match. Well he didn't win the title, so my guess is that it was his farewell match. The rumour is that he is going to TNA. The only question left is will Melina be going with him? Will they be getting back together?

But what about Zack Ryder? He did not get this title shot, but he did come out after the match and kick Dolph Ziggler's ass! I think he has proven himself, he has the fan support, so I think he deserves to be champion! Though, personally I think he should be using his Internet Championship because that is a popular belt now and I think its more current than most titles (such as a Television Championship). Perhaps a Title vs Title Match needs to take place on the next PPV between Zack Ryder and Dolph Ziggler!

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