Friday, March 30, 2012

Poll Closed: The Rock vs John Cena

Now the Poll I think everyone is most interested in, The Rock vs John Cena. This was possibly the closest Poll results I've ever had. This Poll received 182 votes in total.  The lead kept changing back and forth, and as much as I wanted to see The Rock win the Poll just as much as I want to see The Rock win the match, I'm sorry to say... John Cena won the Poll.  
  • The Rock 87 (47%)
  • John Cena 95 (52%)
The rumours I have heard are that there will be outside interference. Most likely from The Miz. Since The Rock helped him win his match with Cena last year it would seem like The Miz owes him one. But knowing how deranged The Miz is, he probably blames The Rock for stealing his main event spot (just like every other crybaby wrestler has been bitching about online). So maybe The Miz will screw The Rock. 

Also, another big rumour was that the powers that be wanted this match to be for the WWE Championship because they thought it would add to the match. But the reason Cena had to drop the belt instead was because The Rock was not going to be around to defend the belt after Wrestlemania. Well that clearly suggests that the plan is for The Rock to win the match, but they couldn't give him the belt, so Cena had to drop it to Punk before the Wrestlemania storyline started. 

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  1. i think the rock vs cena was bettter than the rock vs hogan overall


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