Friday, March 30, 2012

Poll Closed: Triple H vs The Undertaker

Now the Poll I was most excited to find out the results to, Triple H vs The Undertaker.This Poll received 183 votes and was pretty close in the beginning but then one wrestler pulled far ahead. Here are the results:
  • Triple H 65 (35%)
  • The Undertaker 118 (64%)
I was worried that once Shawn Michaels was named the special guest referee Triple H might become the new favorite, but the exact opposite happened. Once that was announced The Undertaker pulled ahead and never looked back. 

I think everyone might be having the same idea I'm having, that Shawn Michaels isn't there to screw The Undertaker, but rather to screw Triple H. I think Shawn wants to make sure that Triple H never does what he couldn't... end The Undertaker's Streak!

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